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25 Best InstaMojo Alternatives

Online payments are the most viable and fast option for transactions known to people. However, it has been challenging for many people to understand how they work. This makes payment gateways a boon and a curse at the same time. People who understand online payment gateways are blessed with the ability to transact money whenever and wherever they want. 

With modern communication evolving, the ways of transacting money have also evolved. Instamojo had ruled the online payment industry for quite some time. People are looking for Instamojo alternatives with more prominent features and transaction methods. Here is a list of 25 choices that are viable as a replacement for Instamojo. All these platforms have their working mechanism, strength, and weaknesses. The first thing that needs to be considered before selecting the ideal app for one’s business is taking all the aspects of their company into account.

These aspects include the business’s size, types of transactions and promotions taking place regularly, and range of transactions. 

What is Payment Gateway and How it works?

This video gives in the way to a broader perspective of payment gateways, helps people to understand the functioning mechanism behind it. Once an individual knows how it works, they can figure out which alternative is the best one for them. 

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is the most recognized application/service for transactions and maintenance online. It is critically acclaimed worldwide and makes it possible for small to large business houses to track their transactions and initiate them. It is very well known for its free plan apart from the premium. The free plan gives them unlimited product addition, payment gateway simplification, and great shipping facilities. Premiums have just better features like custom domain link and more than 10 images per product. The best part is the basic services it offers for free: a person needs to run any service over the internet.

Why choose Instamojo alternatives?

Instamojo alternatives are significant in the market nowadays. This is important as there is no significant improvement in the ways the software or platform works. The below-listed alternatives are necessary from every aspect as these are advanced. With new platforms for online transactions emerging worldwide, some have made a name for themselves. It makes Instamojo quite old as there is not much to innovate in this sphere. These new alternatives are similar in function and update themselves with the due passage of time. With more technology involved comes more convenience.   

List of 25 best Instamojo alternatives:   

  1. Stripe – 

Being an alternative to Instamojo, Stripe gives the user option to continue with their business with ease. Businesses find it easy to start the online collection of the credit card with immediate effect. This technology company works to build economic infrastructure for the internet. Many businesses starting from startups to public sector companies, use this software to accept payments and manage their online businesses. 

There are many benefits that Stripe provides to its users. Few of the many benefits are: 

  • With this alternative, the users do not need a gateway or a merchant account. 
  • The software has its technology to identify as well as prevent fraudulent activities. 
  • It simplifies and accelerates the reconciliation of transactions. 
  1. Recurly – 

Recurly is an all-in-one platform that is entirely secured and is PCI compliant. This platform streamlines subscription management and simplifies it. It works the same way towards the recurring billing activities of the enterprise businesses and mid-market businesses. It acts as a plethora of many technologies and integrates with almost 16 or more gateways. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Recurly:

  • It supports a great number of payment methods like PayPal, ApplePay, etc. 
  • The platform works seamlessly and helps the user in doing business. 
  • It increases the efficiency of the business and helps them to grow immense revenue. 
  1. Podium – 

This platform gives individuals the option of messaging at the purchase point and makes it easy for them to make their sales. They make the process of new sales easy, along with keeping a record of the past-due invoices. There is no need for postage or phone tags. The payment can be made with just a message. 

From the various advantages that Podium provides, here are a few important ones:

  • The platform requires a standard fee for processing, and the user does not incur any monthly cost. 
  • With a simple link, the user can close the deals using a text from a single centralized dashboard. 
  • The process of payment becomes faster, as well as more manageable.
  1. AvidXchange – 

The AvidXchange software permits great benefits in B2B payments. The user and their suppliers tend to like this software as well as its service. Its payment network is efficient enough to be of great help to the user. The supplier’s payment data is safe with this software, and it also verifies the payment types accepted by them. 

Along with these features, the software consists of several more features as follows:

  • The software provides cloud-based solutions that help the authorizing party approve various payments from different areas with the internet’s help.
  • All-day long visibility option is available in case of every payment. 
  • The automation of the user’s account payables is the main benefit that AvidXchange provides. 
  1. Tipalti – 

It is a solution suitable for the processing of B2B payments. The entire structure of this software helps create automated solutions and enables the payment of suppliers and partners. Tipalti confers to be the world’s most influential management solution for mass payment. It supports one cloud system that perfectly includes the onboarding of white-labeled suppliers. ERG integration forms a significant part of all the features that the user receives from this platform. 

There are uncountable benefits that the users get from Tipalti. Some of the major advantages are as follows: 

  • It collects and validates W9/W8 tax form. 
  • It even provides the option for the selection of currencies and different payment methods. 
  • Early payment and reconciliation of the payment help the user in great ways. 
  1. Chargebee – 

This platform is available for recurring billing and is certified as a PCI Level 1 platform for SaaS. It also supports businesses that are based on subscriptions. It helps integrate leading gateways of payment worldwide, making it feasible for the user to automate different payments collection. It also permits invoicing, management of customers, and notification of various emails. 

Chargebee has great advantages, and here are some of the important ones:

  • The pain of subscription billing goes as the result of power-packed integration. 
  • It increases the conversions along with scaling the business to great heights. 
  • The software takes good care of the security and payment experience of the customers. 
  1. EBizCharge – 

This payment gateway supports integration with various solutions like ERP, eCommerce, and many more solutions. It helps increase the processing efficiency of different payments, thereby reducing the processing cost to a certain extent. It eliminates the case of double entry as well as permits the reduction of human error. Electronic invoicing is a great feature of the EBizCharge platform. 

Some of the benefits that this platform provides are given below:

  • It improves security and simplifies customer experience. 
  • Options like processing mobile credit cards and online processing are available and the presence of infinite transaction history. 
  • Facilities such as customizable reports and encryption security are available through this software. 
  1. SaaSOptics – 

This software mainly helps the B2B SaaS organizations to deal with the payments with their customers. Automatic reminder for payments and seamless payment alternatives make this platform suitable for the users. It provides a great customer experience with its unique features. The spreadsheet’s problem can be ignored with this software’s help, and it also helps make fast payments. 

These are a few advantages that SaaSOptics provide to its users: 

  • It achieves ACH and payments made by credit cards. 
  • The software makes the customization of payment options possible depending on the amount in the invoice. 
  • Helps in easy configuration and systematical enforcement of the payment policies
  1. Bill.com – 

This platform provides a great alternative to Instamojo and supports the financial process’s delivery with greater efficiency. All the process is carried out in a streamlined manner, and the management of accounts receivable and payable is appropriately executed. With the presence of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, the scope for human error resulting from data entry is reduced to a great extent. 

Here are some great features of the platform:

  • The platform’s best feature is that it gets acquainted with the user and learns the processes correctly. 
  • It even understands the preferences of the user providing greater control over bill management. 
  • The platform is excellent concerning the time-saving aspect. 
  1. HoneyBook – 

The platform is sufficient for all the entrepreneurs and freelancers who are creative. It helps them to book a more significant number of clients and manage different projects. All the payment activity happens in a single place. This business management software allows users to automate their busy work. It stays on the top of the list of to-dos users, resulting in saving precious time and money. 

From the different advantages of HoneyBook, here are a few significant advantages:

  • It acts as a personal assistant of the user. 
  • It also contains task reminders for all the leads as well as the clients of the business. 
  • The emails can be automated based on workflow assignments. 
  1. Fivestars-

Fivestars platform is known to be among the hybrids of transaction and promotion. This makes it one of a kind. It combines the ease of payment with free promotions to draw potential customers’ attention while serving current customers. It has unlimited promotions and autopilot mode to foster these promotions to reach out to potential customers. It is ideal for small businesses, and over 15000 firms have already tried using it. 

Fivestars has many features. Here are some of the prominent features it has:

  • Excellent tracking features to read customer actions.
  • Free promotions on autopilot mode to increase its reach. 
  • It comes at an affordable 69 USD per month for a promotion as well as transaction software.
  • Positive reviews from customers worldwide.
  1. Payment Depot

Payment Depot is a well-known platform. It’s called the ‘Costco of credit cards.’ Partnership driven membership-based processing of payment is what they do best. It has a very simple and straightforward policy. There are no negative factors in the transaction, and it saves 40% money for the merchants, which is taken by other transaction companies. B2B merchants are interchanged at the payment gateway to ensure maximum savings for the merchant. 

Payment Depot is a great platform with numerous advantages. Here are some of them:

  • It accepts credit card payments.
  • It saves money no matter what.
  • There are no hidden costs or contracts for the transaction.
  • They provide quality customer support and equipment. 
  • All sizes of businesses can benefit from it.
  1. Upflow

Upflow is a high-speed and heavy transacting platform. It tracks all the invoices and their statuses. No matter which individuals or the company use the billing system, Upflow can integrate with it and track everything which is going on. All it takes is just one click. It has a real-time, in-depth analysis system that shows cash flow projections and other factors. The cash collection mechanism is also very smooth and systematic, which reduces the due invoices of previous months.

Many features make Upflow suitable as a payment gateway. Here are some features to understand:

  • No matter how many invoices are due, it will get cleared soon.
  • Prominent cash collection and storage.
  • Proper analytics mechanism to calculate everything and formulate a solution to problems.
  • 100% of turnover is assured.
  1. Plooto

Plooto is a boon for accountants who handle their clients’ payments. The application shows all perspectives to accountants and maintains proper accounts of money to be received and paid. It is critically acclaimed worldwide for getting convenience to accountants, bookkeepers, and other people working in certain firms. It was also featured in International magazines under ‘Top 20 Accounts Receivable Software 2021’. The best part is that its popularity has still not come to an end.

Many features make Plooto good transaction software. Here are some of those reasons:

  • It has vendor management software in-built in the functional mechanism.
  • It can take care of recurring payments as well as electronic transactions.
  • The software has an advanced fraud detection mechanism.
  1. SpotOn Restaurant

Unlike the name might suggest, it isn’t a restaurant. It is named so as it can be used to the maximum potential by restaurants and bars. It helps people running restaurants craft a POS, which is as fast as lightning. This POS is created by considering all aspects of the restaurant. Hence, the software developed is unique and useful for that particular restaurant it is crafted for. It is critically acclaimed due to the numerous awards and honorary mentions it received in 2020.

SpotOn Restaurant has many prominent features that contributed to awarding it. Here are some of them:

  • The robust hardware is reliable and can be used for various purposes.
  • It is swift and effective for business houses.
  • Proper reports analysis and management of gift cards.
  • It has tips management and also manages an online ordering facility.
  1. SecurionPay

SecurionPay is a blessing for startups, SMEs, and enterprises. It’s entirely cloud-based, which makes it very convenient to operate. It provides transaction alerts and manages transaction data. It has a flat transaction fee. It has a one-time payment option that comes with an integrated merchant account. The servers are secured, and invoices are taken care of very rapidly. It is cost-efficient and secured. The technologies used to make the platform were the best. 

SecurionPay is very prominent in the industry due to its features. Here are some of the features which make it stand apart from its competitors:

  • The application is cloud-based, which makes it very mobile and convenient to use.
  • It is priced very low and is cost-effective.
  • The setup is free, and there is a free account provided with lifetime access.
  • It comes with a unique card storage vault and also sends transaction alerts for confirmation of information.
  1. EBS Payment Gateway

It is one of the most efficient analytical solutions for payment gateways. It is effective in both online and offline contexts. People can receive international payments and foreign cards, as well. There are boosted chances of a payment success rate as it is well known for its quality service. This integrates with the invoices and virtual cashbox to keep track of all the organization’s transactions.

There are many advantages of EBS Payment Gateway. Some of them are:

  • The application supports multiple currencies.
  • It only takes a minute or so to integrate it into the system and start using it. 
  • It processes electronic checks as well. 
  • In-built fraud detection and protection mechanism.
  • There are dynamic event notifications and transaction alerts to maintain transparency. 
  1. Forte Payments System

This is a great fund transferring platform that helps transfer electronic funds. It also guides the debit and credit card transactions of the user. Any type of electric transaction can take place through this platform. The platform is much secured, and all the transactions are done under proper security measures. It reduces any risks involved while using a card by hiding sensitive data involved in the payment. 

Forte Payments system is a payment system. Here are some of the features which make it as ideal as a payment platform:

  • It processes electronic checks.
  • Some notifications appear dynamically, and every work process is monitored live.
  • Advanced security systems don’t allow any intrusion in transactions.
  1. FSS Payment Gateway

This is a website integration transaction gateways available in the market. It takes authorization of various cards like credit and debit cards and other payment modes like net banking, cash card, etc. The best part about this gateway is it provides the fastest checkouts on any purchase. It is ideal for businesses worldwide.  

FSS Payment gateway has many prominent features. Some of them are as follows:

  • Multi-currency conversion and acceptance. 
  • The checkout window has varied languages for linguistic approaches according to the preference of people.
  • The server is under high security to avoid fraud and detects malicious activities.  
  • It has an excellent invoice payment mechanism, which makes it very prevalent in the market.
  1. 2Checkout

It is an ideal payment gateway for many businesses. The platform is very simple and attractive. It is fast and effective. It supports many languages, and multiple currencies can be exchanged or accepted. There are effective fraud detection and management mechanism which improves the systems. Organizations and businesses can get security and reliability through this platform.

There are many features of 2Checkout. There are many features like the following:

  • It has support for mobile devices and provides easy accessibility.
  • There is the processing of electronic checks.
  • The security is robust, and some alerts ensure that all the transactions are safe and under command.   
  1. DirecPay

DirecPay is an online payment gateway for merchants in India. This application is one of the main reasons why India is a retailer’s hub in the world. There is a huge market of retailers looking for secured payment options. Business houses are considering this platform as it is very useful and is tested by some of the best retailers worldwide.  

DirecPay is the most favored payment applications for many reasons. Here are some features that make it stand out:

  • It is best for the retailers as people can be sure about the payment and its methods.
  • Quality security measures make payments better and more valuable.
  • Merchant account benefits are never-ending.
  1. ePaisa

It is all about omnichannel payments. Praise is a platform that helps transfer payments and manages them. It is critically acclaimed worldwide for the things it has contributed to. It has marketing, VAS, inventory, and analytics. 

Many features make ePaisa stand out from other payment gateways. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is cloud-based and can be handled hassle-free. 
  • It can manage stocks and tables effectively and efficiently.
  • It is a successful warehouse manager. 
  • Track sales, manage loyalty and users.
  • Billings counter optimization and integration with eCommerce. 
  1. Paymentvista

It is a cloud-based payment solution. It is growing very fast worldwide. It allows business houses to share payment links with their customers, and it also generates invoices by itself. It is three times faster than average payment gateways and doesn’t require 80% of the manual efforts. There are also many payment options along with reminders for the same.  

There are many advantages to using Paymentvista. Here are some of them:

  • This cloud platform can be set up at zero cost.
  • The security measures are very tight. 
  • Integrating the system with organization accounts is easy. 
  • The merchant account is integrated for efficient performance.
  1. Innogy

Innogy is not a payment gateway. It is a digital payment community. It allows customers to become more involved with the merchant they are doing their regular transactions with. This platform is great for local shops as well as large business houses. The payments are not influenced by market performance and always get delivered fast. 

Innogy is an excellent payment community, but it is best known for its remarkable features. Some of them are:

  • Simple integration with organization systems.
  • The organization using it is connected to multiple banks.
  • There are many types of payment options ranging from net banking to electronic checks.
  • All the transaction data is encrypted, but all essential details are also stored for future reference. 
  1. Paykan

Websites and applications can benefit a lot from this payment gateway. Organizations coming online can hugely benefit from this application. It is adaptive with both credit and debit cards. There are many options like checkout, keeping records, settling bills fast, and making reports. Other modes of payment can be used with this gateway, including UPI, net banking, and mobile wallet.

There are many good things about Paykun, which makes it stand out from its other competitors in the market. Some of these features are:

  • Multiple payment types allow multiple transactions at the same time. 
  • There is no paperwork required, and all the servers are heavily guarded with strict security measures.
  • All the payments, their mode, and transaction information are analyzed deeply to make reports.
  • The gateway comes with integrated merchant account features, and no extra money needs to be wasted to buy one.
  • There are no hidden costs after buying the platform and using it.


Though many things make Instamojo an unsurpassable opponent, many promising software and platforms drive this concept furthermore. An integrated payment gateway is a thing that is demanded the most in the current times. So, many business houses can gain help from such platforms.  


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