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Clickup Review – One Work App For Everything

In this review of Clickup, we will go through some of the significant advantages and features of this amazing all-in-one project management app. The ClickUp app comes with docs, reminders, calendars, goals, and inboxes essential for any organization. The ClickUp app is completely customizable and is suitable for any kind of team remote, in-house, and I wish – mars.

With the ClickUp app, all the teams in an organization can use it for planning, organizing, collaborating daily works, marketing, and advertising. To top it all, ClickUp is mobile-friendly and has its own mobile app.

The ClickUp app is entirely designed to make your work simpler. With the help of this, one can easily organize their daily works, track them, and also manage them more straightforwardly without getting into any kind of complications. If you are thinking about how it will be possible, then you should know that ClickUp does not limit its users to deal with just works related. In other words, you can assign or deal with the things that are not work-related as well.

About ClickUp

ClickUp is undoubtedly one of the best project management system that is available in the market as of now. The ClickUp app helps make the Information Technology and services sector more productive by reducing the additional workload caused by using several different applications. The app is suitable for teams of all sizes and applies to any industry. As the name suggests, ClickUp offers a straightforward interface and allows you to manage several tasks with a click.

The fully customizable and proprietary feature of Clickup makes it a must-have app for any project management team. The ClickUp app allows keeping various activities such as design, implementation, and development in one place.

The add-ons of this app known as ‘ClickApps’ help more modularity for the app and helps in the individual customization of each time better. These features make it one of the best project management software that provides proper value for money. The flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use of this app have made it a leader in what is known as the ‘next generation of work tools.’

The app helps project managers and other management team members keep track of the projects and thereby assess the progress of the project and its implementation phase.

It helps in planning new projects, assigning tasks, and completing them on time. The ClickUp app is a ‘must-have’ for those who handle very complex projects involving multiple stakeholders using different tools. It also comes with task management features such as Gantt charts and sprint reports that provide real-time updates on progress or problems such project managers will find very efficient.

1. Value for Money

The price of the ClickUp is its major segment and is one app to replace all other current project management apps. ClickUp ensures that the user gets the best value for money with its all-in-one features at affordable rates. With different ClickUp pricing plans, the business organization can select the best one that matches their project team’s capacity and requirements. There is also a trial option through which you can get an idea of the project management options in this app.

Once you use it on a trial basis, the likelihood to recommend increasing the team or the company size will be high. You can add team members to it and see how it can benefit your project and its management activities. Based on the complexity of your project and its team size, you can upgrade it to the paid version at any time. The packages that follow the free version plan are Unlimited Plan, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise Plan. The higher the plan, the more $ it ads per user. For example, the Unlimited Plan is charged at $5 per user per month, while the Business plan charges the same user a fee of $9 per month. With each click, you can add or remove users and create new tasks and projects with utmost flexibility.

There will also be consistent customer support to get you through any difficulties and confusion while using the ClickUp app. You can, without doubt, say that this is one of the best project management software that can provide you value for money with better results.

1.1. Free Trial

The free trial or the demo version of the ClickUp app is something that attracts the users. With the free trial, companies or organizations can have a taste of the product and see how well it can adapt to their team for smooth project implementations.

To start with the free trial of ClickUp, you need to sign up using your email id and start using the app. For a small team, the free trial of the ClickUp App is the best thing to have as it will provide options to add multiple tasks, five spaces, unlimited users, and a file storage capacity of 100 MB. Along with that, clickup will also provide you with customer support, privacy settings, and sharing options.

With the free plan, you can get enough reporting and project management options for your marketing and advertising activities. The trial version of this flexible project management tool provides features such as dashboards, mind maps, a map view, timeline view, sprint points, etc. The Catch? If you haven’t got it by now, it’s 100MB Storage Limit, which is just enough for small quick projects and teams who have separate file-sharing systems but want to try all the features this purple beast provides.

1.2. Unlimited Plan

For the next level of project management with the ClickUp app, the unlimited plan is the best option. This plan offers unlimited storage and advanced features for managing your project. The ClickUp pricing for Unlimited Plan is $5 per month if you choose to renew it annually or $9 per month if you choose to renew it monthly. Unlike the free version, this plan provides unlimited storage, unlimited dashboards, integrations, custom fields, and unlimited users.

The Unlimited plan provides edit permissions, which are essential for any project management tool. It offers more integration opportunities with third-party tools and features such as Time Tracking, Zapier, Integromat, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box Cloud Storage, and One Drive Cloud Storage.

The unlimited plan is suitable for companies that have a medium number of projects and teams to keep. Based on the complexity of the projects, you can decide upon whether to choose the free plan or the unlimited option. The unlimited plans have some extra features and benefits compared with the free version of the project management tool, and that too with an affordable price.

This plan also allows the ClickUp users to strike a deal, wherein the user can request a price as low as 1$ per member to pay monthly.

You basically need to provide the number of people in your team along with your name, phone number, and email. You will get a call where you will be given a chance to strike a deal that pleases both ClickUp and the user. And Obvious Follow-Ups.

1.3. Business Plan

This plan by ClickUp offers some business-class features and security for managing the projects. The business plan is ideal for those projects which are of high priority and sensitive. Most companies involved in high-secured project planning and implementation phases prefer the business plan of Clickup.

The ClickUp pricing for the Business Plan is $9 per month if you choose to renew it annually or $19 per month if you choose to renew it monthly. Compared with the free version and the unlimited version, the business plan has several add-on features and facilities that make it unique.

The number of tasks, spaces, custom views, and file storage is unlimited in the business plan. Features such as privacy and sharing, Google SSO, and round-the-clock support are also available in this plan.

The option for 10 Guests plus 5 per extra seat unlimited read-only is another highlight of this plan, distinguishing it from the free and unlimited plans. In addition, the permission settings feature is available for the portfolios, and the forms can be customized and branded well.

Some of the advanced features of the business plan include mind maps, dashboards, automation, sprint automation, activity view, a map view, table view, box view, timeline view, workload views, spring points, granular time estimates, goal folders, guest visibility, and more.

It also has integration facilities with other third-party tools such as Zapier, Integromat, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box Cloud Storage, OneDrive, and Cloud Storage.

1.4 Business Plus

In Business Plus, you are given a team sharing option with more API calls, Custom Permissions, and 1 Custom Role for your team. Support becomes a Priority, and It also adds training with ClickUp Expert. Pricing becomes 19$ per user for a year, and if you choose to go monthly, it is 29$.

1.5. Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is the most ultimate among the different plans offered by ClickUp. This plan has various contracts, legal reviews, and advanced security compared with other project management tools. And this is what makes the enterprise plan the most favorite for an organization that consistently deals with big clients and their projects. For this ClickUp plan, the business or the organization has to contact the sales team for the pricing.

The enterprise plan has many differences compared with the other plans. At the same time, it has some standard features that include unlimited spaces, several tasks, file storage, and custom views. It also has round-the-clock support and top-class privacy and sharing features.

The Enterprise plan comes with several advanced features such as portfolios, goals, forms, mind map, dashboard, sprint automation, pulse live overview, activity view, a map view, table view, granular time estimates, goal folders, guest visibility, work in progress limits, Gantt charts, real-time collaborations, custom exporting, custom task ids, white labeling, etc.

When it comes to the integration part, it offers more than 50 native integrations, including time tracking and timesheets. It also includes Zapier, Integromat, Google Drive, Box Cloud Storage, Dropbox, OneDrive Cloud Storage, and Tableau Web Connector integrations.

The dedicated customer success manager, onboarding coaching, and training facilities are unique features of this plan. But with the enterprise plan, you can avail these support services, which will help you manage projects better. However, the ClickUp support keeps on increasing with each plan, and if you want to get the best support, you have to select the prime plans.

The Enterprise plan boasts top-class security features, making it a hot favorite for big project management companies. 

Some of the major security features of ClickUp’s Enterprise plan include:

  • Two-Factor Authentication, 
  • Google Single Sign-On, 
  • Microsoft Single Sign-On, 
  • Custom SAML Single Sign-On, 
  • Okta Single Sign-On, 
  • Custom Permissions, 
  • Manage Private Spaces, 
  • HIPAA Compliance, 
  • Contract and Legal Review,  
  • Custom Roles, 
  • Restrict Public Sharing, 
  • Restrict Who Can Add Guests, 
  • Default Personal Views, and 
  • Add & Remove Users via API.

2. Functional Flow and Product Features

As per the review from users worldwide, we can conclude that the ClickUp app is one of the most versatile and user-friendly project management tools available. It has rich features and options such as project planning, task allocations, resource management, project timeline tracking, individual performance, team performance, etc. Depending on their importance, you can also prioritize tasks according to their deadlines or give them different colors. ClickUp uses color-coded tags for better organization of task management. ClickUp allows you to collaborate with team members in real-time by sharing files, documents, project details, etc., which will speed up the whole production process.

Gantt charts are a standard tool used in project management. These horizontal bars are helpful in scheduling projects, managing resources, and effectively assigning tasks to a team in a calculated period.

The Gantt chart option of the ClickUp app is available with all the pricing plans, and it is considered the most powerful feature that helps in the effective management of the projects. It gives an idea about the ongoing projects to the project managers. Based on the data, they can plan and implement the future timeline of the projects.

When it comes to performance level, responsiveness, speed, and flexibility, the ClickUp app is a notch ahead of its competitors. The world-class user interface adds more flexibility to the function flow of the projects and tasks. The user interface is simultaneously simple to use, and even a new user in the team can start working with it once the user joins the project.

2.1. Customized Workflow

The ClickUp app has a tailormade workflow used across all industries and is loved by the project management teams. Most engineering activities need advanced processes these days, but the marketing team always loves tailormade workflow statuses. This type of customized workflow makes the ClickUp app the most sought-after project management software, without any doubt.

These days tailormade or customized project management software is in high demand, as there is a lot of diversity in each project. No projects are the same, and each project has its plans and workflow. Hence the need for a customized project management tool is essential, and this is where ClickUp plays its role swiftly.

The complete project management tool by ClickUp is a dream catch for the project managers, and they love to have it for their project planning and implementation. Using ClickUp, the project managers can track each stage of a project and each workforce’s status.

2.2. User Interface

The user interface of the ClickUp app is quite simple but not as appealing when compared with other project management tools. Still, it is a fantastic project management software with many functionalities and features that are rarely seen in other tools. However, a lot of room is left for improvement regarding the overall user experience of the ClickUp app.

There are abundant white spaces on the dashboard, while the font size of the text is relatively small. In addition, there is limited color coding on the dashboard, and it makes it hard to go through the projects efficiently and get an idea of what is happening.

2.3. Crystal Clear Documentation

Most companies using specific project management for a long time usually cease to go with a new one. It is difficult to come to terms with the new project tracking tool and learn its features and process flows.

Most of the time, it will take a reasonable amount of time, which will create issues with the timeline of the projects. So, most of the project managers do not prefer going with a new project management tool.

But when it comes to the ClickUp app, the above issue will not survive as this project management tool has simple documentation about the tool and its processes. Moreover, the technical documentation of this software is written in simple language that even a junior-level project executive will get hold of it without any hiccups.

So, even if a company uses any other tool for managing the projects, it can swiftly shift to the new ClickUp app without any difficulties. Moreover, they can also customize the tool based on the requirement and the process flow of the projects they are handling.

3. Project Management

With the ClickUp project management app, the team can start with a tailored template suitable for their projects and tasks. Gradually, they can start building the workflow and process quite easily with this tool. This project management tool makes sure that the team’s efficiency is improved as the team members can carry out the work within the platform from anywhere, anytime.

What else could a project manager need more than this? It is indeed a complete project management solution with a vast pool of companies using it on a large-scale basis across the world.

3.1. Easy Team Management

The ClickUp app makes it easier for the project managers to manage the team, as the tool is filled with many features that provide the reporting of each unit individually. There are a lot of options and activities that can be done using this software. Some of the major features include:

  • Adding Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Re-assigning Tasks
  • Checking the progress of the tasks
  • Better resource management
  • Keeping an eye on the overall cost of the project.
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Receiving updates about the project status
  • Tracking the performance of virtual staff

As mentioned earlier, you can use all these features pretty much easily without wasting your time surfing the software in the paid version. Apart from adding members of your team, you will also be able to add the clients to the project so that the project and its process become more transparent. 

You can also share the project status with anyone you wish. It helps the clients to share with anyone and is something most of the clients prefer nowadays. It will ultimately help improve the quality of the projects and streamline the process flow perfectly. Clients can also outsource the projects to various companies or organizations as well.

3.2. Task Management

The task management feature is something worth mentioning when it comes to the ClickUp app. The task management option of this project management software has won accolades from organizations across the world. And the appreciation came mainly due to its simplicity and the ability to simultaneously manage any number of tasks. As a result, you will be able to do more tasks than expected using the project management tool by ClickUp App.

The app’s robust task management feature helps you plan, organize, and collaborate on any projects along with on-demand customization. It helps in managing the project effectively and smoothly for the project managers who are in charge of big projects.

There are almost more than 35 ClickUp features that can help customize and manage any kind of project task. You can also save valuable time with features such as task automation, Spring Points assignments, Custom Field Data, etc.

The task management option from the ClickUp app helps you to collaborate on anything with your project team. You will be able to fast-track your teamwork and also go for multiple assignments of tasks. Apart from these, you can also comment on any of the tasks to become visible to others. The sharable screen recording is another feature that helps you in saving a lot of time while managing the project.

3.3. Breaking Down Tasks

If you feel that any project is too big for you, you can break it down into simple sub-tasks. This way, you can make any complex project look simple and easy. You will also visualize all your tasks and subtasks in various views and edit or rearrange them in bulk using the Multitask Toolbar.

Whether it be the weekly meetings or daily reminders, you will be able to stay on top of all your recurring tasks with this project management tool. You can set these things within a few seconds, and you will be able to save a lot of time selecting the same reminders again and again.

You will keep the projects on track and loop at the right time through the project automation process. With this option, you will automate any process that regularly repeats, which improves overall project management efficiency.

ClickUp offers a lot of features like task templates using which you will not have to waste any more time replicating a valuable task to the project. Instead, you can just save it as a template, and it will be ready instantly.

3.4. Process Management

If you are facing the issue of missing out on some of the major elements of your task, then the ClickUp app is the best thing to have for managing your projects efficiently. With ClickUp, you will find it relatively easy to track and complete the moving components of each task in the project. 

There will be scenarios during any project management that you will have to switch between an extensive picture overview of your project progress and the more minor details associated with it. And with ClickUp, you can make this thing look so simple.

For those who are die-hard fanatics of the to-do lists, the list view option of the ClickUp app will prove very helpful. And if you like getting the visual displays, you can also get that done by placing your tasks on a kanban board.

For better organizing the projects and the process flow, a calendar view can help you out. In addition, the Gantt chart and the box views will display the pending tasks to get a fair idea about the progress of the task.

With the ClickUp app, you will be able to set an overall project objective, and there is a dashboard through which you can track the progress of the tasks. 

You can set reminders and stay on track, as you will never miss that looming deadline again. The overall result is a better project output and that too without exceeding the due dates and time.

There is another exciting feature for the project managers, and that is the workload charts. With the workload charts, the project managers can easily track which team members have the balance space to take on more work and which members are working at their total capacity. This helps assign tasks to team members and keep a watch at regular time intervals.

3.5. Time Management

Most project managers usually come across a situation in which a task requiring only a few hours to complete takes more than that. It is mainly something that has to be done with time management. If you have proper time management in place, you will deliver all your tasks on the planned schedule.

ClickUp has one of the best time management features to help project managers complete tasks on time without delay. Using this project management tracking tool, you will be able to estimate the time spent on each task. Also, you can check whether the task exceeds the actual time limit.

ClickUp helps you create time estimates on any tasks that you are involved in, and this is what is required for the successful completion of a project. In addition, the time management facility of the tool makes sure that the project team does not go blind at the tasks that they work on. 

The managers can also make use of the calendars that are available with the platform. They can sync the calendars of the tool, and by doing this, the team members can clearly see their deadlines and other vital events in an organized way.

3.6. Reporting and Collaboration

When you continuously face back and forth communication about the tasks of a project, it will consume a lot of time. The endless communication regarding the status updates and inquiries through the mail are common in every project. The success of any project depends on keeping team members in a loop regarding project details and status updates.

It is where the ClickUp app and its project management features come into play. The project managers will tag the team members directly in any task comments with its fantastic reporting features. The managers can also assign new collaborators to various tasks without relying on the never-ending email threads that go in either direction.

Whenever a change is made inside the ClickUp app, that particular change is reflected instantly on all the connected devices. Thus, the project team members can see when any changes are made by other members and avoid any potential clash.

In running a large team under a particular project, the team reporting tool of the ClickUp app will provide you with an overview of what the team is doing all things. It is shown as a process percentage, and the project managers will find out how much work is pending on a particular project.

Such reporting features of the ClickUp tool ultimately ease collaborating with the other team members of the project. And this can contribute a lot to the success and efficiency of the project.

4. Integrations

Users can integrate a wide range of applications with the ClickUp project management tool, which is pretty valuable for improving the efficiency of the project. Various applications have different purposes, and based on the project’s requirements, the project managers can integrate with any of them.

In ClickUp, any user can get the integration part done with just a few clicks. Some of the major applications you can integrate with this project management software are given below.

  • GitHub

GitHub helps you in getting total control over the DevOps lifecycle and is used by most project managers. In addition, GitHub helps you in managing repositories, issue tracking, and other technical matters.

When you use GitHub, you do not have to quit ClickUp as all the data will be pulled and displayed in the tool’s interface. You will be able to see all the activities of GitHub related to a particular task in ClickUp. You can also see the notifications and history of GitHub activity for a specific task.

  • Webhooks

Webhooks helps in automatically pushing the messages between apps. If you want to stay on top of your work by getting automated updates from ClickUpwhile using various other apps, you need to use Webhooks. You can sync any of your apps and get up-to-date information using the API of Webhooks that ClickUp supports.

With Webhooks, you can stay up to date on your project, tasks, goals, and other activities. You can also subscribe to more than 30 events with Webhooks and get automatic notifications whenever a user changes the task hierarchy or goals.

Using Webhooks, you will build up a direct connection for the live updates between other apps and ClickUp. You can set up Webhooks easily and do not require any kind of third-party apps or complex coding.

  • Toggl

By integrating ClickUp and Toggle features, you can track the projects and tasks without leaving ClickUp. Setting up this tool is pretty easy, and you can enable the Toggl Chrome extension within seconds and start following the time of the projects and activities in ClickUp.

You can now start and stop time tracking without leaving ClickUp, and at the same time, you will be able to associate the time tracked with ClickUp tasks.

  • Google Drive

With ClickUp, you can integrate Google Drive, the most popular cloud storage system globally, and start attaching and creating files. In addition, it helps you to go through your personal and team drives without having to leave the ClickUp platform.

The files and data from Google Drive can be previewed and handled like any other attachment. You can automatically save any documents, sheets, drawings, slides into Google Drive and attach them with the relevant tasks.

  • DropBox

DropBox is also a popular cloud storage system in which you can create and attach files easily. DropBox is also similar to Google Drive, and you can create files and attach them with relevant tasks.

  • Google Calendar

ClickUp allows the integration of Google Calendar to catchany updates on a task, event, etc. Google Calendar integration is one of the best ways to manage the timelines and deadlines of the team. It also helps in managing the overall project and task schedule efficiently.

You will be able to organize big projects on Google Calendar and start optimizing your tasks and time. Overall, you will bring out more productivity in your project if you use this tool to its full potential.

  • Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a platform from Git and is usually used by the engineering teams to host and collaborate on the code used in a particular project. When we integrate Bitbucket with ClickUp, it will help the team to streamline development, collaboration, and other resource management activities in a better way.

You will get two-way sync pull requests, branches, and commits with ClickUp tasks once the integration is done. You can also view the notifications of team Bitbucket activity. Apart from this, you can link tasks to Sprint workflows and also will be able to jump to the code directly.

Using the Bitbucket, you can change the status of the tasks in ClickUp directly from Bitbucket. Thus, the team members will also get a fair idea of the current status of a project.

Another essential feature of Bitbucket is creating branches and pull requests from ClickUp and creating links to existing ones.  

  • Sentry

Sentry is a popular open-source and hosted error monitoring tool that can assist the software development team in discovering errors and other potential bugs in real-time. You can create a task from a Sentry error, and that task will automatically get synced with the ClickUp List that you have selected. When you visit the task you have chosen, you will see the message from the Sentry, and the issues will be attached.

  • Outlook

The integration of Outlook with the ClickUp app helps in converting Outlook emails into the best productivity platform. With this integration, you will be able to turn important emails into tasks in easy steps. In addition, the team members and the managers can also attach a full HTML email to any of the tasks in ClickUp.

The Outlook-ClickUp integration also helps you to create new tasks without having to leave your emails. It makes it easier for the project managers and the team members to keep track of their tasks and at the same time stay updated with the latest emails.

  • Chrome

The ClickUp Chrome extension is one of the most exciting integrations of this project management tool. It can bring five of the most disconnected features of any project management process into a single and amazing app.

You can easily and quickly create new tasks with a single click. For example, you can set a default location and the website you are viewing into a task. Some of the website tasks include screenshots, images, hyperlinks, etc. With chrome, you can also get easy access to Zoom, slack, and many more apps.

  • Microsoft Teams

If you want to keep every team member updated about the work progress, you can connect your Microsoft Teams account with the ClickUp workspaces.

Microsoft Team has the potential to bring everything together under a shared workspace where everyone can meet, chat, share essential files and work with business apps.

There are a lot of things that you can do with Microsoft Teams, and Rich unfurling is the most important of them. With Rich unfurling, your teammates will be able to know which task you are discussing. Moreover, you can automatically add extra details about the projects to the ClickUp links shared in your channels.

ClickUp will also notify you about any new comments, status changes, attachments, and assignee updates directly sent to your Microsoft Teams channel. So you will always remain in the loop and never miss any updates that are shared.

If you want your team to know about what you are discussing in a meeting, you can easily attach the task directly into any of the conversations in Microsoft Teams.

  • Time Doctor

The integration with Time Doctor will help in adding time tracking to your ClickUp app. For example, you will see a visual representation of how long it will take your team to complete a particular project and get more precise time data about how ClikcUp will execute your work.

5. Learning Curve

ClickUp has a learning curve, as with any great software.

The interface is highly intuitive, with well-designed templates that effortlessly organize your day-to-day tasks. It also lets you customize their templates, checklists, and boards to meet your needs. But remember, learning the app is not as easy as it looks. It takes some time to understand how to use this software.

Generally, the high learning curve is associated with ClickUp. On the one hand, having lots of features makes it obvious to have a higher learning curve but is beneficial for the team; on the other hand, the learning curve can be a problem for new users. That’s not a concern for any company as they have good support, and in the long term, the benefits of managing with these tools are great.

As Clickup says: “save one day a week, guaranteed.” and I say

6. Customer Support

ClickUp boasts of a top-class customer support service, which adds more value to its brand. ClickUp considers customer support and service as their priority. They very well know how important it is to provide relevant support to the customers during need.

No product can survive and retain its customer base without proper support at the right time. The customers can have several doubts regarding the function and process flow of the project management tool. Such things need to be addressed in the right way. There might also be certain kinds of bugs that might arise while using it and these things have to be reported to a customer support team.

So, the customer support team should be ready 24 hours round the clock to solve customer queries and complaints. The customers can contact ClickUp’s customer support to address their questions, comments, and suggestions.

ClickUp support is excellent with a system that consists of various support documents, video demos, and 24/7 live chat. So, the customers using the tool will not face any issues in managing the project smoothly. In addition, ClickUp has a customer support team that is much superior when compared with its counterparts.

To Conclude

As mentioned above, this project management tool is really a value for money with so many new features that will positively impact the results. The ClickUp app will get an overall rating of 4.5/5.

The ClickUp reviews in the overall market are generally positive and are worth trying by project managers. New apps are coming out to give competition to ClickUp, but it has held its ground with new features and management systems.

ClickUp features are dynamic and come in handy. Try ClickUp as it is one of the best project management software available. If you are already using it, What is your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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All in all, ClickUp is a great investment for your project management needs. With its user-friendly interface and expansive list of features, you can’t go wrong with this app.Clickup Review - One Work App For Everything


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