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25 Best Salesforce Alternatives

Salesforce has been dominating the CRM Industry for a long time now. However, the dawn of reality has arrived, and there are better alternatives to it waiting in the market. The list of salesforce competitors is never-ending, but we should know how it can yield us results before investing our valuable time and money in them.

Somethings to look for Before Choosing A Salesforce CRM Alternative

Salesforce is lovely in several ways. It’s got straightforward and visual dashboards to help you maintain track of your sales pipeline, with its ton of great features to help you get to the subsequent level, and it combines well with 3rd programs.

Just like humans, No CRM can be perfect, and there are some spaces where Salesforce opponents might do more reliable work.

  1. Can you Customise?

Customization is required for efficient sales management, and Salesforce has unusual downsides in that field. There are no various customization options as different platforms, including their customization accessory kits, can be slightly challenging to apply. Also, further customization is relatively costly.

  1. How Well are Reports?

No doubt! Salesforce makes great reporting overall, but their reports can sometimes be a little complicated and not that natural. Some organizations may require a software resolution that can deliver pieces a little more straightforward to produce with understanding, which can be more readily utilized to their sales period.

  1. Responding Support?

Support provided by Salesforce performs well; just like anything, it could be more effective. For one thing, their help comes at a price, and the user can simply get free support for the common crippling of queries that concern any users. With their offer of Salesforce University to help you make the most out of the software, but it arrives at an extra cost. Not bad! Huh?

Now, let’s start with the enlightenment list of Salesforce Alternatives that will assure you which CRM software to use. We have shared the best 25 alternatives that would clear your dilemma of which is the right one to fit in your team.

Best Salesforce Alternatives

  1. HubSpotCRM

Any person who is into CRM applications knows HubSpot CRM as one of the strongest competitors of Salesforce. This is because it is technically, functionally, and superficially better to Salesforce in many aspects. It is one of the best alternatives to salesforce as it is dominating the marketplace slowly. The specialty of this CRM is that the sales team working on any module of sales can start their work or make changes in any existing sheet without br4eaking or disturbing the workflow.

HubSpot CRM has many benefits to offer. But here are some distinctive features that make it stand apart:

  • It has an extensive email monitoring mechanism.
  • The workflow of the sales team is not affected by changes in existing work.
  • Effortless client meeting arrangement.
  • Amazing dashboard interface with more than 300 integrations. 
  1. OnePageCRM

Simpler businesses need simpler tools. OnePageCRM is known for its simple user interface, which even a CRM layman can operate effectively. It is specifically designed for small business houses. Anyone can manage relationships with customers using this tool. It is completely online, and track of things can be kept quite easily. The most complex sales can be represented in a simple and compact to-do list, which can help businesses dearly. It is one of the best salesforce alternatives for small businesses.

There are many benefits to using OnePageCRM. Some of them are listed below:

  • Track your business goals easily and muster up to hit new targets.
  • Organize your contacts to search and reach out to them with ease.
  • Make your plan visually appealing, and get motivated to stick to it.
  1. Copper

This CRM overpowers salesforce as it is integrated with the Google search engine. It completely stores your emails and contact information to make it possible for you to use them whenever you like them. Teams using this can create calendar events on Google to plan out certain things. Being one of the best salesforce CRM alternatives, it also helps generate leads for the business it aims to develop.    

Copper has many additional benefits, which makes it stand out from its competitors. Some of them are:

  • It is connected to essential google applications like Gmail Contacts, Google calendar, and Google Docs.
  • Track the leads that are getting generated efficiently. 
  • A vibrant dashboard represents the exact sales figures for your organization.
  1. Agile CRM

The Agile CRM is responsible for automating all the elements like marketing, services, and sales on a single platform. The presence of a unique facility known as the contact management facility in this tool helps close down the deals much faster than before. One can easily share his/her calendar online with the help of this salesforce alternative. 

Several unique features help Agile CRM to differentiate it from the crowd. The important features are:

  • Agile CRM provides the automation of voicemails and helps greatly view the contact data from different calls and conversations of the client. 
  • The facility of contacting multiple clients with a single click of the mouse is present.
  • Provides the benefit of attaching the documents with the deals. 
  1. Vcita

Vcita is an application that provides the benefits of customer relationship management. This software helps greatly in maintain and organizing the business schedule of an individual. This app is greatly helpful in enabling an individual to manage the clients effortlessly. 

Among the several benefits that Vcita showcases, here are a few important points that should gain one’s focus:

  • It provides the facility for customizing the follow-ups from the clients. 
  • The individuals can sync their business schedules and appointments to their routine calendar and manage it efficiently. 
  • The presence of automatic reminders in this software system is of great help to individuals. 
  1. PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals qualifies for one of the applications for customer relationship management. This app is user friendly and works towards helping the sales representative close a greater number of deals. This software is like salesforce and helps manage various project details, milestones, and required deadlines. 

Here are some of the benefits of the PipelineDeals that make it better than its competitors:

  • The major benefit is the application’s compatibility as it can easily be used with Android, Desktop PC, and Apple. 
  • The integration of the application with Gmail, Outlook, etc., is possible. 
  • It provides the platform to import data from systems like Outlook, Google, and many more. 
  1. Capsule

This online application is the product of Zestia and helps enable the individual to organize different information of the customers. An individual can use this program to manage the contacts when and where necessary. Along with managing the contacts, it provides a platform for quickly adding the emails, documents, and different notes to the respective contacts. 

From the many benefits that Capsule provide, here are the major ones:

  • It provides the facility of segmenting the audience according to need. 
  • The program provides the option to set customized restrictions and summarize the complete sales activity. 
  • The ones who want to track the image, performance can take the help of Capsule. 
  1. Apptivo

Apptivo qualifies for a cloud-based software useful in case of business management in many companies. The software’s biggest plus point is its ability to close down the deals without much hassle and chaos. The software can also help in creating a contract for the required business deals with great ease. 

Apptivo has certain other benefits apart from the mentioned ones. These benefits are:

  • The option for customization of the layouts is possible with this application.
  • The individuals can generate the PDF version of their invoices as per the requirement.
  • With the help of Apptivo, a person can resolve the duplication of lead data and prevent it effectively. 
  1. Contactually

Contactually stands for one of the cloud-based software and helps the businesses build a strong relationship with their respective clients. For prioritization of the task, the provision of a personalized dashboard is present in this application. The app can schedule various emails easily and customize the templates of the emails. 

From the various useful features that Contactually consist of, here are the most important ones:

  • The individuals can scan as well as evaluate the deals with different clients. 
  • This software plays a great role in entering and reviewing the clients’ important information in a much simpler interface. 
  • It helps in automating the process of the business. 
  1. Nutshell

A nutshell is a cloud-based tool for customer relationship management. The platform helps in automating the sales process that an individual requires. One can keep track of the sales performance as the program instantly views the same performance without any delay. With the help of Nutshell, analysis of the lost deal becomes quite easy. 

Nutshell provides several advantages to the user. Some of those advantages are:

  • It helps in finding out the lead or the main sources. 
  • The program provides various charts that are of great use when the presentation desk is concerned. 
  • The information that Nutshell provides helps individuals in estimating and forecasting future sales. 
  1. Salesboom CRM

This software manages the customers and helps in identifying the opportunity for up-selling. The user-friendly solutions that Salesboom CRM provides help to integrate the office’s ERP in the real-time scenario. The software has good compatibility and can be integrated with various platforms like Skype, Linked In, Google, and a lot more. 

Some of the benefits of Salesboom CRM are as follows:

  • It makes the process of accessing data from mobile applications quite easy.
  • The program helps in the real-time creation of various custom analytics.
  • This software allows access to data through the medium of the Internet and helps the user send emails in bulk to the required clients. 
  1. Dubsado

This tool provides an effective solution for business management, building valuable customer relationships, and scheduling important appointments. Dubsado also enables the user to send different invoices as well as contracts for handling the clients. One of the important advantages of this tool is sending a reminder to the clients automatically, mentioning the details of the upcoming appointments. 

Other advantages of Dubsado include:

  • It works for the creation of private boards to fulfill the purpose of staying on track. 
  • The software also helps track the time period spent on a particular project that helps the user keep the record. 
  • This program can automatically track the emails of the clients within the specific project. 
  1. Really Simple System

Being a cloud-based CRM application, the tool significantly tracks the sales activities of the user. It also assists in monitoring the marketing campaigns of an individual. The best feature about the application is that it provides a step-by-step guide to help the users use the tool. The tool validates its name by providing easy setup options. 

Here are some major features of Really Simple System that make it different from the others:

  • The program provides scope to build various campaigns and send out different newsletters from the user’s system. 
  • It acts as an alternate option to the Salesforce software and consists of the module for integrated email marketing. 
  • The tool is of great help when it comes to tracking and monitoring the leads and opportunities effectively. 
  1. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM outshines its competition with its advanced AI-based lead scoring techniques. It is based on reliable cloud computing servers and networks. It can yield great results for any organization. It is one of the best salesforce alternatives that help teams in any organization receive lead data and gain potential customers. 

Freshworks CRM was first known as Freshsales and later rebranded its name with amazing features added to the platform. Some of them are:

  • The sales details gained by using them is impeccable.
  • Track real-time performance of email marketing and site visits through notifications for both. 
  • The organization head or someone at a higher position can collaborate with the employees to check everything.
  • Extensive access to social platforms of clients.
  • Different sales teams can work on different costings and later merge it up using this software. 
  1. Insightly

Insightly dominates its competition in the market through its expertise and extensive use in optimizing an organization’s productivity, big or small. It is one of the most legitimate alternatives to Salesforce CRM, making it widely acclaimed in the market.

Here are some astounding features of Insightly to dwell upon:

  • It has instant switching options that convert deals into projects in the flick of an eye.
  • It has integration options with MailChimp, Google Drive, Gmail, and other social handles.
  • Getting lead information and information generation.
  • If any company aims for a multi-step business model, Insightly is ideal.
  • It has a custom app builder in-built to support the growth of the business.
  • Custom layout dashboard for organization heads to see what they want to see according to their priority. 

  1. Close

Close is undoubtedly the best sales deal-closing platform. It outshines its competition as far as automation is needed in the sector. It’s a highly desired alternative to salesforce. It can send automatic calls, emails, and SMS to the leads generated and stored in the software. 

Close has many astounding features that make it stand apart from its competitors. Some of them are as follows:

  • All the activities related to sales can be tracked down and looked after.
  • It is effortless, and even a layman can operate it.
  • The email sent to customers and potential customers are completely customizable for uniqueness.
  • Leads and their information is generated fast as well as efficiently.
  • It has a detailed analysis of the email campaign. It has all information from emails sent and responses received.
  • It can be linked up with social media sites like Facebook and informative tools like Google Sheets.
  • The clients/customers can receive a call just with one click.

  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is well reputed for its simpler user interface and vivid functionality. Unlike many of its competitors, it has a very bright and attractive dashboard that displays each component’s performance to indicate the path towards the goal. It’s a viable option for Salesforce alternatives for small businesses as it’s simple yet useful. 

Pipedrive has great features that have earned it its market reputation. These are some of its following features:

  • Chatbots and web forms integrated with the software get deals for the organization.
  • Any new data about leads can be generated by using a simple spreadsheet.
  • There are more than 150 applications to which it can connect and synchronize.
  • The customizable dashboard has information about the product, activities going on, and the performance of individual things associated with the project.  
  • The projectile of the performance is also displayed.
  • It is mobile compatible and can be used on android as well as iPhone devices. 
  • Get updated information about sales conversations through calls, messages, and emails.
  1. amoCRM

amoCRM is a well-known software solution to CRM worldwide. It is among the best salesforce alternatives. It is one of the software completely dedicated to the B2B (business 2 Business) sale module. Its likeliness still prevails in the market.

There are many things about amoCRM, which makes it stand out in the market. Some of them are:

• It’s extremely versatile and can be opened on mobile devices to close the deal.

• Starting from the beginning of the communication till the deal is sealed, every information is stored in this process.

• The lead generation and dispersion become fully automatic, and organization officials needn’t worry about it.

• It helps in sending communicative things like text messages, emails, and calls to potential customers.

• Client communication is simplified with the built-in messenger, which helps keep communications with the client intact.

• It has specialized chatbots that handle client calls effectively.

  1. Salesmate

Salesmate is the most effective leads pipeline manager in the market. It is a rightful alternative to salesforce for small businesses as it is effective and fabulous. It helps in tracking down every minute details of the progression of the sale or business.

Salesmate is great software, and it has many tremendous features. Some of them are:

• Any form of engagement like opening, reading, and marking of email by the client is informed with ease. 

• There are great templates that can make emails 100% more attractive.

• It can be used as a collaborative software for the entire team. 

• It has more than 100 built-in reports regarding deals and performances.   

• It can be used on windows, android, and apple devices as well.

  1. Keep

The CRM solution helping the users to grow their business is denoted as Keep. It also improves the customer service of the concerned business. The tool helps capture new leads and assign them tasks and send emails to different clients automatically. 

There are several benefits that Keep provides to its users. The major benefits are mentioned below:

• It supports the user in accessing the information of the clients from various devices. 

• The dashboard present in the tool helps in tracking the process of sales when required. 

• With the help of Keep, the clients can pay easily with just a click. 

• The smart forms that Keep provides makes the collection of client data easy and effective.

  1. Less annoying CRM

This CRM tool is quite simple for the user to manage their leads, calendars, contacts, and many more. The major fact about this program is that it supports collaboration with other systems. One of the major benefits of the tool is its accessibility. It can be operated from a computer, smartphone, and even tablet. This tool even works as an alternative for Salesforce. 

Here are the important advantages of Less annoying CRM tool which one should know about:

• It permits the import of spreadsheet contacts to the CRM. 

• The application offers a led report with great simplicity and helps in syncing the data to the required devices automatically. 

• It provides encryption security to the user’s data. 

  1. Nimble

This CRM application helps in managing the contacts of the clients into separate lists efficiently and effectively. With the help of this tool, the users can organize different team tasks and events and communicate various deals. The Nimble tool consists of a dashboard that helps in managing various appointments, events, and tasks. 

Few of the many benefits of Nimble application are as follows:

  • The app helps the user handle the team calls and tasks effortlessly and even assists in dividing the contact details to make it easy for them to send emails in the group. 
  • The application is present in the form of a mobile app and even a browser widget, making it more accessible for the user.
  • It supports adding notes to the status of the deals. 
  1. SutiCRM

This web-based product helps in the automation of the sales and marketing process. It provides a great alternative to Salesforce CRM and permits the monitoring of the sales pipeline and revenue metrics. The unique feature of call logging is present in the tool that helps register the details of different calls. 

Here are some other features and advantages of the SutiCRM tool:

  • Along with streamlining the marketing activity, the tool helps collaborate the user with the team.
  • It monitors the sales pipeline of the user and helps in achieving the targets of different sales options. 
  • The detailed and accurate history of the clients is available for the user to check with the SutiCRM tool’s help. 
  1. Teamgate

This tool is simple enough for the user and helps in converting the visitor into the business lead. The advantage of this software is that it can be easily integrated with different social channels, email clients, etc. The software has good control over various segments of the B2B scenario. 

Teamgate consists of many features that are of great help to the users. Some of the many features of Teamgate are:

  • It permits the creation of a pipeline that is based on the process of sales. 
  • The integration of the tool with OpenStreetMap is a great benefit of the software. 
  • The program works well in identifying duplicate information relating to sales. 
  1. Teamgram

Teamgram qualifies for a cloud-based system that helps manage the workflow of the business and manage the sales cycle. This competitor of Salesforce CRM works to enable the user to know and manage their client interface. The user gets the benefit of creating and sharing the notes of a meeting. 

The significant features of Teamgram are as follows:

  • The tool is immensely helpful in designing customized templates that match the business scenario. 
  • It segments different customers with tags and allows the user to attach various contracts and photos to the notes. 
  • It gives the option for setting up a reminder to witness important tasks.
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