Are you interested in becoming a Guest Author on Technicali?

GuestPost Guidelines:

  1. All the Blog posts must follow a word range limit of 700 to 1800 words.
  2. Please regard the given blog styles while writing the blogs:
    • The “How-to” blog: As its name suggests, it instructs the reader about the process to do something by dividing it into several how-to steps.
    • A “List-based” blog: This is one of the most seen and straightforward blog formats. Your blog should be scannable so the reader can see the required information at a glance. Then continue reading the part one wants.
    • The “Curated Collection” blog: For this style, the written content is selectively picked/gathered from throughout the internet and put into one post. This style is only allowed if due credit is provided (by referencing the source of it).
    • You can utilize any presentation from SlideShare etc., to support your blog. However, it is necessary to give an intro or an outro copy alongside the embedded link.
    • The “Newsjacking” blog post: It is the practice of capitalizing on famous news stories. This is done by writing about them as they take place. It must be noted that your Newsjacking post must consist of relevant topics that are in line with the blog content.
  3. It is always better to use subheadings to break up your post.
  4. Insert keywords at the starting of your blog without sacrificing content quality. Do not use keyword filling/stuffing tactics.
  5. We allow you to put “do follow” links in the text. However, make sure not to make the blog post a selling pitch for your organization. Contact us for a sponsored post.
  6. You can incorporate any information or links concerning your organization in your author bio.

What We Won’t Accept

The following points are the criteria of the content we plainly can’t accept:

  • Anything pre-existing on our blog. Please explore our site or google( YOUR TOPIC/HEADLINE) before submitting any articles.
  • Anything interpreted as a link-building scheme.
  • Anything that excessively promotes your organization or company.
  • Anything incorrect or offensive.
  • Anything which is unduly critical of any individual or even any company — this site is not a place to put your grievances/objections.

The Not-So-Fine Print

  • Ensure that all the submissions fulfill the TECHNICALI blogging team’s criteria and quality standards to qualify for publishing. You must know that the editors reserve the final right to reject any contributions at their disposition.
  • We do not permit you to publish your guest post to your blog,, LinkedIn, or Medium again. You can always share a direct link for the published post.
  • Note that the TECHNICALI blogging team reserves all the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content. We can also update the blog in the future for better comprehensiveness and precision.
  • TECHNICALI holds the right to incorporate calls-to-action to TECHNICALI content, along with the downloadable content, ebooks, email newsletters, etc.
  • In rare situations, the contributed posts may be pulled out from the blog, and the URL can be recycled.
  • TECHNICALI marketing team also holds the right to utilize the popularity of guest blog authors over our content as needed, along with but not limited to TECHNICALI’s various social media channels.

Format your Post Appropriately.

  • Don’t compromise with depth simply for brevity. We don’t impose an exact word count limit on the blog. However, the word range of most of the articles should be 700 – 1,800 words.
  • More focus should be on clear sentences that give in-depth explanations rather than just going for word count. All the articles should be comprehensible to readers of various levels. It’s always better to over-explain any concept instead of under-explaining it, as it may result in leaving some readers in the dark.
  • The most acceptable blog version is simple to understand, easily accessible, and straightforward. Working on complex sentence structure is of no use as a simple structure works well. It’s better to avoid unnecessary filler words or jargon.
  • All the paragraphs should be limited to three to five sentences. Format them using H2s, H3s, and H4s, wherever necessary.
  • When suitable, add bulleted lists as it serves in breaking up bulky paragraphs—format all the numbered lists as numbers, followed by periods.
  • Always include a conclusion.
  • If you include any images, screenshots, GIFs, etc., cite its source as: “Image source.” Also, hyperlink the source text with the page on which the image is found.
  • Verify your posts using Grammarly or Microsoft Word and rectify accordingly. We always advise using these editing tools for catching any extra spaces or misspellings that sneak away from our eyes.


  • Please submit your first rough draft: editor[at]technicali[dot]com
  • Please do not email us any downloadable attachments. You can provide a Google Drive/Docs Share link. We do not download attachments sent via email due to security issues.
  • Keep in mind that after you submit, Guest articles are only scheduled for the weekends, a week in advance. But you can get a fast-track option if you want.
  • After reviewing your blog, we will either ask you to make revisions or schedule your blog.
  • We make every effort to notify authors when their blog has been published. However, not all submissions will go out as scheduled, and authors may not receive notification that their submission has been posted.
  • Please check the blog regularly to see if your post has been published.