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Top 7 Payment Gateways that accept Cryptocurrency

The ideology and concept of cryptocurrency came into existence in the year 1998. But it started gaining popularity with the introduction of bitcoin in the market in the year 2009. Since then, there have been more than 1000 altcoins and crypto-tokens in the market. Cryptocurrency has always been a hot topic for debate. On one side, the loyal lovers of cryptocurrency claim that it will change economics, politics, and the payment system. In contrast, the passionate haters’ side claims it is inherently broken and will soon collapse. 

There has been a lot of confusion and misconceptions about cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? How does it work? Is this a similar concept? Is the payment mechanism secured? This article will clear all these doubts. So that the next time you hear claims about cryptocurrency, you can separate the facts from false claims. As of March 2023, there are more than ~23000 cryptocurrencies in the market.


Cryptocurrency existed for a very long time. But it started gaining popularity and credibility when an anonymous techie under the name Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto devised the first blockchain system, which then developed into Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is a digital system used in trading as an exchange medium, just like physical money. Users acquire this digitalized money by solving complex crypto equations through computers in a process called Crypto mining. The information and data are stored in the data blocks, validating and recording transactions in a ledger. The database of this whole operation is called Blockchain.

Some unique features of cryptocurrency are:

  • Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to ensure security.
  • Limitations to productions of cryptocurrency.
  • Independent of a central authority or bank.
  • International transactions are made easy.

What is Cryptocurrency?

The digital revolution has led to a shift from electronic technology into digital pay. The popularity of a digital form of money is on the rise. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that acts as a medium of exchange. It uses the cryptography method of decoding that translates readable information into codes. Cryptography is an academic research field that uses advanced mathematical equations and techniques. These complex codes make it difficult to break the security parameters of the system.

Bitcoin was mined in 2009 and is the first cryptocurrency to use the blockchain method. Since then, Bitcoin has been the market leader of all the other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, etc. Blockchain technology ensures better security and privacy of cryptocurrencies. It is like the main book of all cryptocurrency transactions and databases. In this system, users enter different data in various blocks that are then chained or linked together. This system comprises blockchain miners who update and record all the accurate information of any transactions.

Below video will help you to understand the concept of cryptocurrency. The language used in this video is easy to understand and the narrator explains the concept of cryptocurrency in an efficient manner.

Highlights of Using Cryptocurrency

  • No middleman intervention

In a traditional transaction, you handover the details to a third party like a bank. The bank then makes the payment on our behalf and charges some transactional fees. In cryptocurrency, the transactions are one on one without any third-party involvement. There are only two parties involved in the transaction, increasing the clarity and accountability of the transaction. These two parties negotiate and agree to the transaction in a peer-to-peer structure that helps decrease the confusion.

  • Reduced transaction cost

The bulk of monthly account expenses from the banks, like the maintenance fees, transferring charges, checkbook charges, etc., are significantly cut down in cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency network generates its source of income from the crunching done by the data miners. And hence the transactional fees are little to none in cryptocurrency transactions. The transactional costs, if they apply, are significantly low in comparison to traditional bank charges.

  • Better access to your assets

The verification process of the cryptocurrency is lightning fast. The transactional procedure requires very little time. The transaction does not require verifications from third parties like PayPal or VISA. Fewer barriers in the verifications process save time and ensure fast secured transactions. You can access your cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world and at any time. You can also transfer, withdraw, or purchase cryptocurrencies with less paperwork.

  • Privacy and security

The cryptocurrency is a blockchain system that involves complex mathematical algorithms and puzzles. These algorithms are difficult to decode and complicated to hack. The absence of any third-party verification in the transaction ensures the user’s data’s security and privacy. This payment mechanism safeguards your financial data and history from being exposed and exploited. The independence of the cryptocurrency from the banks or other central authority decreases the chances of data leaks.

  • International trade

Cryptocurrency is a standard digital currency having no tender to the exchange rate, transaction cost, or interest charges involved. It is not affected by the currency fluctuations of any country. The peer-to-peer mechanism allows smooth cross-border trade transfer without any complications. You can buy cryptocurrency with any currencies such as the US dollar, Japanese yen, British pound, Indian rupee, European euro, etc. The conversion of currencies also can be done using cryptocurrency wallets at a minimal cost.

What is a payment gateway?

Consumer spending on the internet is on the rise and with that, the payment gateway’s popularity is also rising. The steady growth of online spendings and desperate needs for securing online transactions call out for a robust payment system. A payment gateway is a system that helps you to make payments using your debit card, credit card, electronic fund transfer, e-cheques, etc. It helps to streamline the payment process from anywhere and at any time. The use of smartphones, tablets, and laptops has made the payment procedure faster and comfortable.

Payment gateways bridge the gap between the buyer and the financial institute processing the payments. This gateway acts as a communication link between the merchant’s bank and the buyer’s bank. It is an encrypted channel that securely passes, authorizes, and approves payment transactions. E-commerce has emerged as a motive force behind the increasing use of payment gateways. Social media platforms have also played a creative role in fueling the buying decisions of a buyer. The interface of payment gateways is easy to use and understand. 

While paying online, Payment gateways have three functions to perform. They are:

  • Authorize and verify the debit or credit card details of the buyer
  • Clear and transfer the transaction money to the merchant’s bank.
  • Record and report all the transaction details.

You can check this article to gain knowledge about the workings of Payment gateways.

Difference Between Crypto Payment Gateways vs Banking Payment Gateways:

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is used as a medium to exchange goods and services. It uses a push mechanism in which transaction money is deposited directly in the merchant’s account. 

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized system with no government backing. This system is encrypted using cryptography to encode sensitive information. There is no third party or middleman involvement in the transaction which reduces the cost. The blockchain system systematically records the transaction details for public inspection.

The banking transaction or cards involve a pull strategy that requires the payment to proceed through various intermediaries before going to the merchant’s account.

The banks and cards are governed and controlled by the rules of central authority. The cost of the transaction is high due to middle man intervention. The chargeback and cancellation of a transaction are possible with credit payments. The acceptance of credit payments is widely accepted.

Crypto Payments vs. Bank Payments

 Crypto PaymentsBank Payments
AuthorityCryptocurrency is decentralized and has no government authority over it.Banking system is governed by the central authority and government.
Push/ pull mechanismIt uses the push system which directly deposited the money in the concerned accountThe pull strategy that goes through various intermediaries before final deposit is used in bank payments.
Middle manThere is no middle involved in this transaction.There can be more than 1 middlemen involved in the transaction.
Transaction costThe transaction cost in crypto payments is very low.There are high transactional costs involved in bank payments.
CancellationOnce the payment is done, cancellation is not possible.You can cancel your payments in bank payments.
AcceptanceThough the popularity of crypto currency is on rise, it is not widely accepted.Bank payments are widely accepted all over the world.
Data SecurityCryptocurrency uses cryptography and blockchain systems to ensure enhanced security.Bank payments use data encryption, SS, and PCI DSS regulations to secure the transaction details.

Features of Cryptocurrencies Payment Gateways

  • Independent

The cryptocurrency is a decentralized system. It means no government or central authority can devalue it according to their whims. Unlike other currencies, the control of cryptocurrency is in the individual’s hand. 

  • No identity theft

The traditional pull transaction of debit or credit cards enabled the vendor to pull all the necessary information along with the cost associated. But crypto payments are push transactions where the sender only sends the associated amount and keeps his personal information safe. 

  • Fraud proof

The counterfeit of cryptocurrency is impossible. It is also impossible for the central authorities to tamper with the cryptocurrency as they have no control over it. Similarly, the possibility of sender reversals and chargebacks is very slim.

  • Easy global access

The internet is available easily to everyone and anywhere. This internet and mobile phone aids in accessing crypto wallets for easy payments. The crypto wallets could be a boon to people who lack access to the modern banking interface.

  • No middle man intervention

The cryptocurrencies payments have direct contracts with no middle man or third party intervention. It helps to cut the cost and save time for both the buyer and seller. 

  • Special charity benefits

The share of cost born by the charity organizations on marketing and other preliminary charges are high. But with no middleman cost and significant cost-cutting in the transactions, it helps to save our money. It also ensures direct payment to the people or NGOs that need it.

List of 7 Payment Gateways that Accept Cryptocurrency

  1. Coinbase
  2. Bitpay
  3. Coingate
  4. SpicePay
  5. GoURL
  6. Gocoin
  7. CoinsBank
  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a crypto-enabled, fair, efficient, accessible, and transparent financial hub. Started in 2012, it had the aim of providing instant services to sell or receive bitcoins. Today, it has expanded its reach and provided the platform to access a broader range of cryptocurrencies in the market. Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency hub with more than 43 million verified users and 7000 institutions. You can easily invest, spend, save and earn using cryptocurrencies on this platform.

Coinbase is the most trusted venture for cryptocurrency transactions. It provides security and insurance of user’s digital money by providing both online and offline storage. In the absence of government or central backing, this security feature increases its credit in the customer’s eye. The 2 step verification and password further adds a layer to the security of this interface.

Some features of Coinbase are:

  • Manage your portfolio

Coinbase helps you to buy and sell digital currencies with ease. It displays all the required details along with the fluctuations in real-time. It systematically arranges and records all your data in one place. Easily access and track the information in one place.

  • Values protection

Coinbase is very keen on the security it provides. For enhanced security, it gives vaults to store your valuables with a time-delayed withdrawal facility. It helps to hold the significant digital assets in an offline secured storage, blocking any hacking threat.

  • Mobile applications

With fully loaded Coinbase apps for Android and iOS, you can easily access the market. It helps us update recent fluctuations and gives tips to stay on top of the market. Set reminders and get timely notifications with the help of this app.

  1. BitPay

Bitpay was founded in the year 2011 to revolutionize the finance industry. It has the aim of making faster crypto payments in a secure and cost-efficient way. It has pioneered a blockchain payment mechanism to transform how people send, receive and store currencies. Trusted by many businesses, Bitpay always strives for innovative tools and services to remain ahead in its field. It allows seamless purchases and selling of cryptocurrencies across the borders.

You can accept cryptocurrencies and get paid in euros or dollars. Receive funds directly into your bank accounts with zero price volatility and risk. Bitpay helps to transfer and spend your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies with a practical and easy app. Use multisig and backup data to ensure its security. It allows you to manage multiple accounts on the go with the help of its mobile apps. The software is very user-friendly and has a simple interface.

Some features of Bitpay are:

  • Accept payments anywhere

This innovative feature allows you to accept digital currency payments and contributions from your online customers on your websites. You can also create and send invoices to your vendors with quick and easy mail. It also accepts payments on your tablets or mobile phones at your workplace.

  • Bitpay card

Bitpay Mastercard is a remarkable feature that helps to convert your crypto into dollars for easy spending. Instantly pay your friends all over the world using this card. You can even purchase gift cards for your loved ones. You can secure and encrypt your card to safeguard your privacy with Bitpay.

  • Manage and track your crypto

It helps create multiple wallets and assists in the fund transfer from one place to another in a secured manner. Bitpay gives instant email and pushes notifications for tracking your order, payments, and transfers. It helps in the efficient tracking and managing of your currencies.

  1. Coingate

This integrated system is your gateway to all cryptocurrency-related things. Seamlessly make use of trading and accepting cryptocurrencies from a single account. The flexibility of this tool helps to customize the payment tools to our liking. The diverse software engages in dealing with more than 50 cryptos. They provide their services to world-renowned businesses and companies. It accommodates the needs of small as well as large-sized businesses. 

The company helps gain people’s acceptance of cryptocurrencies by providing services like API integrations, web PoS applications, payment buttons, and official plugins to e-commerce websites and physical stores. Coingate is a platform that helps in buying and selling numerous cryptocurrencies with easy transactions from mobiles or cards. The blockchain technology of the software ensures smooth payments and trade of your crypto valuables.

Some features of Coingate are:

  • Trading of currencies

Coingate ensures buying of cryptocurrencies with the help of a wide selection of purchasing methods. It assists in the selling of the currencies for fiat money with just one transfer. You can accept and transfer more than 50 cryptocurrencies with the help of this software. Easily exchange your earnings in cash, bitcoins, and other coins.

  • List and buy the cryptocurrency

You can enlist the crypto assets in the payment gateway of Coingate and ensure it’s the appearance on the interface’s invoice. It helps us to track the assets in our accounts and know their worth. Save your time by using express checkout to buy crypto assets on the go without any registration.

  • Cold storage

Ensure the security of your data by using the cold storage facility given by this software. Store the majority of your cryptocurrencies in secure cold storage. The easy and painless setup of the software helps in integrating the payment solutions. Thus, ensuring high standard security and privacy.

  1. SpicePay

Speed, safety, and good teams are the three principal aspects of SpicePay. SpicePay has shown active involvement in the advancements of cryptocurrency since 2009. It shares its passion for sharing the benefits and advantages of cryptocurrencies with the world. It especially shares its interest in blockchain payments innovations to ensure a cost-saving way of doing business. This software is a low-cost, safe, and privacy-protected alternative to credit/ debit cards.

You can easily send and receive online payments to your secured cryptocurrency wallets from any device. Get paid in various currency options like USD, EUR, etc. SpicePay’s online e-commerce, retail, and billing tools help to accept blockchain payments. You can access the funds immediately with no chargebacks and frauds involved. The software helps store, spend and exchange bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies using technology that knows no borders.

Some features of SpicePay are

  • Security of your funds

It helps put all the payments, withdrawals, and exchanges of your cryptocurrency transactions in one secured place with SpicePay wallets. A connected open-source wallet app backed by BitGo technology ensures a safe and simple place to store all your cryptos. SpicePay is hence, a safe heaven to keep your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Blockchain payments

People use SpicePay to accept and process blockchain payments from all around the world. This blockchain system ensures speedy payment and access to the funds in less than 24 hours. Also, save your money in transactional costs as there is no middle man involved in this payment.

  • Cost-efficient

SpicePay charges its transaction fees which are 1%. This amount is low compared to the average credit card transaction, which is around 2-4 %. There are no minimum transaction amounts required for you to access the services of SpicePay.

  1. GoURL

GoURL is a global payment solution provider of cryptocurrency. It started in 2014 to provide a stable payment platform to vendors and consumers. You get the backing of new payment protocols while doing the bitcoin/ altcoin transactions. This open-source software can fully integrate with the website pages without any external payment pages opening. The interface of the software is very user-friendly and easy to set up.

Open source, easy-to-read statistics, direct payment in the wallet, reliability are some of the attractions of GoURL. You need no bank account details or fiat money conversion to cryptocurrencies to get started. This secured platform easily converts received crypto assets to other currencies. All the payments received are automatically sent to the user’s external wallets in no time. The use of SSL encryption technology assures the safety and security of the transaction. It also protects the consumers and vendors from external threats like hacking.

Some features of GoURL are:

  • Open-source

This software is 100% open source whose source code is available on Github.com for free. You can easily edit the source code to add new features or customize it according to your requirements. It also has the option of integrating PHP and MySQL scripts into your website.

  • Statistics

You can view all the data of the recent fluctuations in the graphical representation. The graphs help to analyze and understand the situation clearly. The payment gateway of GoURL is very transparent because of the easy statistics validation.

  • Low cost

The set-up of this software is free and there are no monthly fees involved in this software. There are no limits on the number of transactions you can do for free. They charge a 0 % fee for speed coins and 1.5 % for other crypto coins. The registration and verification process is also simple and free of cost.

  1. GoCoin

Gocoin is the world’s longest-running invoicing platform and blockchain payments system. It enables the vendors and customers to accept payments in Bitcoins, Litecoin, Dash, EOS, and Ethereum. The payment gateway of the software provides secured and flexible payments without any chargebacks or payment fraud. The trusted Gocoin platform provides speedy and convenient crypto settlements at a 1% fee on most transactions. The attractive dashboard of the software offers easy technical support, customization of tools, and reporting functionality.

This software is a leader in blockchain currencies adoption and processing for online payments. Accept and trade Bitcoins, Litecoins, Ethereum, EOS with the plug-in facilities. It increases your sales by offering alternate payment options and making your products available in the global market. You can also directly deposit your payments into your bank accounts. The integrated platform, easy accessibility, and low transaction fees are some of the many benefits of using Gocoin.

Some features of Gocoin are:

  • Customer Dashboard

You can create and customize the invoices on this platform. The dashboard has improved filters and date range parameters for enhanced visual representation. You can easily track and search the invoice on the dashboard. 

  • Fully integrated

No external pages pop up while doing the transaction. Unlike other payment gateways, this software is fully integrated on your website to make payments without directing you to another page. The website will automatically receive your user payment information immediately.

  • Ultra-fast processing

Users can easily view the successful payment results within 5 seconds after the payment. You get notified on your emails and websites about your payment with Payment Notifications (IPN). A fully integrated interface also ensures speed and accuracy in the payment procedure. 

  1. CoinsBank

CoinsBank is a professional platform for cryptocurrency traders. Use some of the advanced tools to maximize the profit and minimize the risk. You can also trade a wide range of currencies on low latency exchanges. It offers the customers the safest, cheapest, and fastest payment solution. Receive and make payments from anywhere in the world with any mobile device or computer. This software provides a unified debit card and CoinsBank wallet for different shopping preferences, whether from online or local markets.

CoinsBank supports the world’s major currencies like dollar, pound, euro, rouble, etc. You can easily convert the cryptocurrency into any currencies supported by the system at the market rate. The two-factor authentication considers and verifies all the activities and transactions. The cold store wallets ( offline wallets ) add to the security parameters of your data and assets. It allows unlimited free transfer between CoinsBank account holders 24 hours a day. Get 24×7 assistance from the customer support team of CoinsBank.

Some features of CoinsBank are

  • Trading Cryptocurrencies

This software provides easy solutions to trade your funds and gain profit. The simple interface of CoinsBank makes trading of currency easy by providing convenient order management and real-time exchange of data. You don’t need to be professional to start trading on CoinsBank. Start trading currencies today without any documentation.

  • Licensed exchange

The CoinsBank license exchange allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and other major world currencies in the market. All the world currencies supported by the system are available to the users for trading. The law and regulations of Estonia protect the traders.

  • Control your investments

The stop loss and take profit orders help in securely investing your cryptocurrency. The system systematically executes trades to release profit and lower the losses in case of high fluctuations. You can easily convert your funds at the most favorable rates.


The decision to choose the best payment gateway for trading your cryptocurrency is vital. Cryptocurrency and its trading require a robust and flexible system. The constant fluctuations of cryptocurrency and its timely notifications can save a lot of our money and time. All the mentioned software are capable and versatile in dealing with changing situations. While choosing a payment gateway, try many gateways until you find an apt one. Your finance is of utmost importance so choose wisely.


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