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25 Best SAP alternatives

SAP is an acronym that stands for systems application and products in data processing. SAP is also the name of a company and the ERP( Enterprise Resource Planning) software. SAP software is a European multinational software developed in 1972 by Wellenreuther, Hopp, Platter, Hector, and Tschira to develop Software Solutions for managing customer relationships and business operations. SAP is a system that consists of various integrated modules to cover a different aspect of business management virtually.

Although SAP is an excellent software for managing business works but various enterprises nowadays looking forward to the alternatives of SAP to get a better result at work. By choosing SAP alternatives, it’s like getting ice on the cake.

Reasons to choose SAP alternatives.

It is always advisable to look for better technology options in the industry, especially when planning to make a significant investment in an ERP system. And your company wants to transition to new technology, it is the right time to think about SAP alternatives. 

SAP alternatives are always loved by most Enterprises because of its convenience and transparency that it brings towards the workflows. SAP Alternative also helps you to ensure that it will provide a quality result when used correctly.

Some of the most notable features of SAP

The buyers of SAP software seeking it as the best software for their technical, functional, business needs. The SAP ERP report explores various strengths and weaknesses and outlines that it supports 3539 individual features and functions.

Hence, here we have mentioned the following major SAP features that are perfect for enterprise resource planning.

1. Product technology: 

With intense coverage outplaces, the competitor SAP ERP supports 95% of product Technology functions.

2. Sales management: 

SAP ERP also has unparalleled coverage over the sales management module and supporting 100% of its features. As compared to other ERP software packages, the average support offered by them is 90%. This feature of SAP provides an advantage in sales management.

3. Quality management: 

As compared to its competitor, which provides only 82% of quality management features, SAP software provides exceptionally 100% quality management functions and features that made this software advantageous towards providing quality management to the enterprise.

Best SAP alternatives

If you are looking for some great alternatives to SAP ERP, you are in the right place. Hundreds of people want an ERP system to help with payroll, visual configuration, and maintenance. Here we have compiled a list of ERP systems that are proved best by the various reviews compared to self- ERP.

  1. Epicor ERP 

There are various reasons due to which episode ERP software tops the list as SAP alternative. Because it is an intelligent, comprehensive, and robust software that provides manufacturers with the ability and various features of inventory control of material planning, supply chain, labor, costing, etc. The software has a module that allows an organization to plan to execute and schedule the entire business. It also provides business performance management, customer relationship management, and human Capital Management. It is value for money. When it comes to considering the cost factor, Epicor ERP software is much more affordable than other ERP software.

  1. Infor M3

Infor M3 software is established as a robust cloud ERP software solution that provides an exceptional User experience and powerful analytics by using the latest technologies in the multi-country, multi-company, and multi-site ERP cloud solution platform. It is developed to provide cloud solutions and industry-specific cloud Suite solutions to various equipment, distribution, chemical, fashion, food, and beverages, and manufacturing industries. It also offers useful reporting tools with the ability to export to excel everywhere. It also has a fantastic API gateway to easily interface with M3 and be able to do EDI.

  1. Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

Around the world, over 5,000 manufacturers prefer cloud suite industrial as the solution of their choice. It has distributors and manufacturers to respond faster to the change and improve and increase productivity. This enterprise resource planning software is the solution that provides visibility to the whole organization. The complex organization with various supply chains can also cut their cost and ensure timely production and delivery of the goods after using info cloud suit industrial ERP system.

  1. IFS Applications

The Global businesses involved in manufacturing and distributing goods and managing service-focused operations are much helped by the IFS application. This application is leading enterprise software that provides a better User experience and enables your organization to define and deliver goods and services properly. IFS application helps to address trends of the IoT, Personalization, servitization, and digital transformation by fully integrating ERP and EAM technology. You can quickly provide IoT business applications and assist with digital transformation by combining these trends in our application. It also exists to engage everyone inside and outside of your organization with its outstanding digital experience and functionality to optimize your operations everywhere.

  1. Oracle NetSuite

Today in every business community, Netsuite develops as the most effective ERP solution. It helps build your business specification and properly works in various aspects of businesses when you made an effort to configure it properly. It has multiple options such as customization of financial reports, customization is, and folders of use that enable everyone in the financial industry to their job smoothly. NetSuite allows solving accounting-related problems efficiently by reducing manual efforts and increasing effectiveness and efficiency with various automation solutions.

  1. Acumatica

Acumatica is also a cloud ERP system that provides an attractive solution to business management problems for digitally dispersed companies. It can easily be integrated with your choice’s collaborative tool as it has been built for mobile and telework scenarios. For the growing medium and small organizations, Acumatica helps deliver efficiency and flexibility, and continuity in their operations. This software helps in growing your business in every way. It can assess the system from anywhere. It has also changed the typical Legacy system and provides the feature that allows the companies to transition your office staff working in remote areas.


This software is specially designed to simplify various manufacturers’ and distributors’ complexity by providing an industry built enterprise resource planning (ERP). It provides a fully integrated end to end business solution for robust cost control, optimum decision-making solution, increased productivity, smooth processes, real-time data analysis, and comprehensive reporting. It can easily be accessed through mobile devices. SYSPRO improves its customer base by applying its resources to the advancement and has been recognized as a top-notch customer service leader. These remarkable features of SYSPRO proved to be an excellent fit for various distribution and manufacturing industries, including machinery and equipment, fabricated metals, electronics, automotive well as food and beverages.

  1. Dynamic 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the ERP system that provides the solution to various Enterprises and helps build foundation across various Industries, including distribution, manufacturing, services, retail, and public sector units. This ERP solution also helps provide smooth functioning for human resources management, financial management, and operational management. It also encourages the people of your organization to anticipate change that your business will achieve various heights. This system is having integration to the office 365 applications that are essential for developing your daily activities. It also allows for the more excellent sales performance projection and supports customization in its GUI to help protect information through encryption backed by Microsoft.

  1. Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a cloud of a system that helps operational improvement and cost-saving in your enterprise. It is associated with the ecosystem of applications to the cloud and database system. These Oracle tools will allow you to deploy JD Edwards on the Oracle cloud in significantly less time and maintain the integrity of existing customized apps. It also can process a large amount of data effectively that is very important in a manufacturing environment. Also, having the feature export many data to Excel or CSV inconsistent layouts that allow repeatable reconciliations of on hand to perpetual inventory.

  1. Sage Business Cloud X3

Sage X3 is an enterprise solution that integrated properly to perform financial management functions, sales management, customer service, inventory management, distribution, and manufacturing and perform the various business intelligence processes. It is a web-based ERP system that can also be run on different mobile devices. The software has the configuration to fulfill the company requirements. It has features like visual processes, user roles, automated workforce and alerts, document management, and communication tools. This program also allows you to track all the information regarding the production and material used automatically. It also makes the processing of billing very easy as all the tracking is in one place. Helpful to enhance customer relationship as everything is easily accessible and accurate.

  1. Orion ERP

Orion ERP is a dynamic enterprise resource planning solution developed by 3i Infotech that allows the organization to run smoothly by integrating desperate teams or processes, functions, and systems. Orion ERP is a cost-effective enterprise solution that helps grow medium-sized Enterprises. This software is backed by robust service support, having more than 800 customers with over 1000 + installations and 50000 + users worldwide. It provides authorization, Matrix, workflow, and dashboard, which helps find things easily in the software. It is also designed to provide customer support 24/7 as it has flexibility in working hours. It also features like distribution management, coma analytics reporting commerce CRM that provides smooth business management functions like inventory management, HR management, purchase order management, and supply chain management.

  1. QAD Adaptive ERP

QAD Adaptive ERP is a manufacturing ERP software with the capabilities to perform in a modern platform and provide User experience delivered in the cured cloud to help manufacturers address various industry changes. This cloud-based ERP software supports multiple languages and related third-party solutions and provides 24 x 7 support to its users. Kit alouds was versatility E2 business to take their processes easily. It also supports fixed asset management to manage various customers. Why are there rich service and support module? It is a one-stop solution that addresses multiple business aspects, including engineering, manufacturing and finance, global supply chain, and customer operations.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics Nav is software that helps deliver various functions to your business management, including finance, supply chain, manufacturing, customer relationship, sales management, etc. It also allows you to have better visibility on various organizational functions and provide control measures. It also offers a powerful solution to your Industries as Microsoft partner creates it. As it is developed by one of the trusted company Microsoft, which helps generate confidence and security at its use. It also complements other Microsoft tools such as excel, word among others. It has a good interface and is very easy to manage, and provides strategies to help create reports and schedule various tasks at your enterprise.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a one-stop solution for your accounting, HR, payrolls, finance, and various other functions. It is a comprehensive out of box business management solution that can manage operation management, financial management, human resources management, and manufacturing. It is well connected with the various parts of your organization that provide greater visibility of the organization’s functions and provide control over any disturbance in the enterprise.

  1. Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

Flex smart manufacturing system helps to empower innovators to make qualitative products. It is built in the cloud and well connected with systems, people, machines, and supply change. It made the process automated to track the top floor and shop floor data and use and deliver analytics for unmatched visibility and provide quality and control measures. It offers real-time updates in most transactions; it is straightforward to update and correct existing transactions. Plex also able to be customized to your business-specific usage needs. It also allows the facility to share technical documents on a cloud server and track individual project hours with specific tasks.

  1. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is an ERP system optimized for the quick response and helps gain real-time financial and operational visibility of your business. It also ensures the security and compliance of your business through comprehensive financial control over it. With the help of extensive automation, it helps in streaming your business processes by reducing labor costs. The Sage Intacct system is compiled with Cash Management, Accounting, vendor management, financial consolidation, subscription billing, contract management, revenue recognition, fund accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting application delivered through the cloud.

  1. Oracle PeopleSoft

Oracle paper soft is an ERP software that is significant for cost savings and useful for your business enterprise’s operational improvement. Oracle PeopleSoft system has been assessed through Oracle cloud, which automates regular cloud migration and lifecycle management. It can easily be accessible as its application is enough to command over all of the business activities. It is one of the most efficient systems available in the market that allow its user to run high and volume background processing with the data. It uses its scripting language to integrate the data.

  1. Sage 100cloud

This enterprise system software comes up with a very affordable cost that helps grow your small or medium organization. It has some automated features that made your entire business customizable and easy to access. It says a hundred can connect your enterprise to the cloud and giving your business and accessibility through the web. It can also be easily accessible through mobile phones. The system provides a proper assessment of customer information that helps sell and service people to invoice customers and collect payments from the field. With the help of this system, invoicing is done electronically and easily manage by exception. With the Sage 100cloud system, executives have analytics on all the business parts and connecting everything.

  1. Odoo ERP

Udu ERP is a fully integrated open-source software design expert Li for business applications. It can meet most business needs, including manufacturing, inventory, CRM, accounting, etc. Regardless of the companies’ size and budget, this software is an All-in-One software solution designed to meet their needs. Also helps in saving time due to its unbeatable and efficient capability to do things automatically. The open-source software that offers security measures to Business Technology all around the world. The odoo ERP system offers various modules and applications that are tailor-made for any of the business needs.

  1. FinancialForce Financial Management ERP

As the name suggests, It is a financial management system platform that is assessable online and offers many useful options that tremendously help the user, especially on building accurately of various. It also allows for proper analysis of different financial data. It provides a practical approach for its uses. FinancialForce offers a lot of flexibility in customization of the financial work that would easily fit your need.

  1. ERPAG

ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution with various features, including sales management, manufacturing Management, Accounting and Finance, purchasing, Reporting and Analytics, inventory management. Is well suited for all medium-size and small size Enterprises in various Industries like retail, automobile, education, information technology, and many more. Provide a solution to its user for easy management of different business processes, including receiving and selling activities. Integration among various tools like Google Drive, Microsoft, woo commerce, etc., made it more user-friendly. It is also well compatible with windows, Mac, and LINUX operating system and offered support via email over the phone, and by video tutorials.

  1. BuildSmart

BuildSmart is enterprise software that provides Cost Management, regulatory compliance budget control, reporting, etc. A professional can use this to configure approval processes and track the due or release dates of the certificates, retention set, and variation orders. It provides key features of procurement management, user access control, inventory tracking, and service schedule.

  1. TYASuite

TYASuite is an enterprise resource planning software specially designed to help businesses manage and streamline the supply chain life cycle from raw materials’ procurement to distribution. It has various features, including expense, tracking, return management, import-export of data, project building collaboration, and many more. It offers an API to help businesses to integrate the system with third-party applications. The support is extended via phone, email, and an inquiry form.

  1. Keller CBD

Keller CBD is a system that provides appropriate state and USDA compliance reporting, track and trace and complete data transparency, and business intelligence throughout the supply chain. It includes tracking required to manage every facet of your told processing operation. It helps create reports, invoices, and custom dashboards with the included report designer and dashboard designer. It also started to provide visibility into every aspect of your business to provide the data you required to be successful.

  1. Oracle E- business suite

Oracle e-business Suite also known as Oracle GBs is an integrated set of various business applications for the purpose off making the working automated of CRM, ERP and supply chain management process. It provides various features and helps to reduce cost of attendance Record Keeping and managing time. It also improves in decision making skills by analysing labour data effectively. A very easy way for employees to view commerce submit, track and timecards.


SAP offers broad range of ERP applications which include financial management, human Capital Management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and product life cycle. Despite of its wide features and popularity still many businesses don’t refer to use SAP. So it is advisable to compare other ERP software to better understand the features and costing of different solution that could work for your business.

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