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How to Keep Your Lead Generation Business Running Smoothly During Slow Season

Lead gen professionals tend to face a lull in business during the holiday season, as many of their clients shut down operations for the month of December/January.

This period is an excellent opportunity for lead gen professionals to innovate and plan for the future.

Common Trends Lead Gen Clients Shutting Down in Last Months

Lack of Focus: One of the most common trends among lead gen clients shutting down in December is their lack of focus on the sales process. This can be due to various factors, including a lack of resources or personnel, holiday distractions, and general fatigue from the year’s work. Many lead gen clients are seasonal and may shut down operations during winter to conserve resources and prepare for the new year.

Budget Constraints: Some businesses may experience budget constraints that prevent them from investing in new leads during this period. It’s mainly due to a combination of end-of-year expenses, such as giving bonuses to employees and taxes that require additional funds. As such, these businesses may temporarily decrease their spending on lead generation efforts until after the holidays, when they are better positioned financially.

Rest and Recharge: December calls for extra time away from work to rest and recharge. While it’s essential for them to stay focused on generating leads throughout the year, many employees need a break at this time of year and will take advantage of any opportunity they have. As such, businesses may refrain from investing heavily in new leads during this period, as it will be more beneficial for their employee’s well-being if they take a few weeks off.

Focusing on Higher Purchase Intent: Many businesses may focus their lead generation efforts on higher purchase intent leads during winter. This is because these leads are more likely to convert into customers and generate more revenue for the business than low purchase intent leads. So companies choose to invest in higher-value campaigns targeting individuals already in the buying process consideration stage.

The Importance of Innovation During the Slow Season

While many clients shut down operations during the winter months, it’s an opportunity for lead gen professionals to explore new strategies and products to help them grow their business in the New Year. It’s also a chance to reflect on the past year, evaluate successes and failures, and plan for future growth. Not only will this ensure that they are prepared when business picks up again, but it will also keep them motivated and invested in their work during the slow season.

Nurturing and Converting Potential Clients who didn’t close Initially

This season is the opportunity to innovate and plan for the future.

One strategy to consider is reaching out to potential clients who didn’t close initially and attempting to convert them through nurturing.

It may seem counterintuitive to invest time and resources in clients who didn’t know initially close, but the reality is that these clients could become your “wow” clients with a little bit of help.

You can turn these clients into long-term, profitable partnerships by following up and offering support.

One tool that can be particularly helpful in this process is a CRM (customer relationship management) system.

A CRM allows you to track and organize your interactions with potential clients, including any follow-up communication. This can be especially useful when working with many potential clients, as it allows you to track where each one is in the sales process and tailor your communication accordingly.

In addition to reaching out, December can be a great time to reflect on the past year and think about new ideas and strategies for the future.

Take advantage of the slower pace to sit back, brainstorm, and develop new ways to grow your business in New Year 2023.

Benefits of offering info products to established businesses

  1. Increased revenue: Info products can be a lucrative source of income, primarily if they are targeted toward businesses with deeper pockets.
  2. Diversification: Offering info products can help diversify your revenue streams and mitigate the impact of seasonal fluctuations in your lead generation business.
  3. Client retention: By offering info products, you can continue to serve and support your clients even when they are not actively purchasing leads. This can help maintain a positive relationship and increase the likelihood of future business.
  4. Opportunity for innovation: Creating info products can be a way to tap into new ideas and explore different areas of expertise. It can also provide a chance to learn and grow as a business owner.
  5. Increased credibility: Offering high-quality info products can establish you as a thought leader and expert in your industry, leading to more opportunities and business.
  6. Scalability: Info products can be easily scaled and sold to a broader audience, leading to exponential growth for your business.
  7. Passive income: Once an info product is created, it can continue to generate revenue for you with minimal additional effort, providing a passive income stream.

Capitalizing on the slower pace and increased motivation of December can be an excellent opportunity for lead-gen professionals to explore new ideas and strategies to help them succeed in the coming year.

Using sales conversations to identify areas of opportunity and pain points for clients

You can better understand your potential client’s needs and wants through old conversations, enabling you to tailor your offerings and increase the likelihood of closing deals.

You can also use past sales conversations to identify potential problems that may arise in the future and be proactive about addressing them. Consider writing a guide about it, a checklist in your client onboarding process, and anything that makes sure you’re prepared to handle it.

By taking the time to listen and understand your clients and analyze their needs from a strategic perspective, pay attention to any recurring problems or pain points that arise. It helps you create tailored solutions to address the identified issues – ultimately leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention.

We all know sales conversations are an invaluable tool for lead gen professionals.

Understanding a customer’s challenges is essential to delivering high-value services that meet their needs. By listening closely during sales conversations, you can build a profile of their challenges and opportunities, allowing you to find ways to help them achieve their goals.

The role of a CRM in successful lead generation

A CRM can help streamline the entire process of capturing, nurturing, and converting leads into paying customers. It simplifies everything from lead qualification to tracking customer interactions.

When setting up a CRM, you should consider factors such as ease of use, integration with other systems, customizability, scalability and cost-effectiveness. Most importantly, it should be tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Once you’ve set up a CRM system that works for you, there are several ways to generate leads, even when times are slow.

5 Ideas to Help You Generate More Leads in a Sluggish Month with CRM:

  1. Offer festive discounts: Promote special deals during the holidays to drive traffic to your website and attract new leads.
  2. Upsell existing customers: Use the data collected from your CRM system to identify current customers who may be interested in purchasing additional products or services.
  3. Just nurture your leads: Even if times are slow, you can use your CRM system to stay in touch with prospects who aren’t yet ready to buy. Keep them engaged by providing helpful information, so they know you’re there when they need you.
  4. Focus on content marketing: Create a template library of valuable and informative content that speaks directly to your target audience and helps establish yourself as an expert in their eyes.
  5. Leverage social media: Use your CRM system to keep track of conversations on social media and use this data to target potential customers with highly personalized messages.

By taking advantage of the features that come with a CRM, such as automated lead capture, lead enrichment, pixel tracking, email marketing and automated follow-up processes, you can increase your chances of generating quality leads even during slow months.

A well-deployed CRM system can be helpful, but ultimately nothing can beat a persistent marketer looking for creative solutions to keep things going.

Reflecting on the Past Year and Planning for the Future

As the year winds down, it’s essential to take some time for reflection and planning.

This can be incredibly therapeutic as it helps you identify areas where you have made progress and those that need improvement.

There are several ways to reflect on the past year and plan for the future:

  1. Analyze your financial performance: Look at your financial statements and see where you made and lost money. This will help you identify areas of strength and weakness. Look at how your leads performed over the year – did they convert into paying customers? If not, what caused them to drop out of the funnel?
  2. Review your marketing efforts: Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and see what worked and what didn’t. This will help you focus your efforts on the most effective strategies. Look back on any customer feedback or reviews that came through during the year and see if any patterns or trends emerge.
  3. Identify your top clients: Determine who your top clients are and how you can continue to service them. This will help you prioritize your efforts and ensure that you are meeting the needs of your most valuable clients.
  4. Set new goals: Determine what you want to achieve in the coming year and create a plan to achieve those goals. This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the year.

To stay motivated and keep your business growing during the holiday season, consider the following tips:

  1. Set realistic goals: Don’t try to accomplish too much during the holiday season. Set realistic goals that you can achieve without burning out.
  2. Take breaks: Take breaks and unplug from work regularly to recharge.
  3. Network: Take advantage of holiday events to network and build new relationships.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments: Remember to celebrate your successes and achievements from the past year. This will help you stay motivated and motivated to continue your efforts in the coming year.


This slow season can be an excellent opportunity for lead gen professionals, particularly those working in pay-per-lead or retainer contracts, to reflect and plan for the future.

Using tools such as CRM software and leveraging content marketing, social media and networking, you can stay productive and innovative even during times of low activity.

Businesses can also identify areas for improvement and create info products to help these clients improve their sales processes.

Taking advantage of the downtime will help ensure your business stays prosperous and continues to grow.

Don’t forget to take time to celebrate your successes from the past year!

If you’re ready to take your lead gen efforts up a notch, We recommend checking out our top 7 CRM options or joining HubSpot to help you make the most of the slow season and set your business up for success in the coming year.

And Guys, Did we mention?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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