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Top 7 ERP Softwares for Manufacturing

Certain investments have the ability to change a business. A critical piece of hardware, a remarkable promoting effort, or another area would all be able to prompt times of progressive development. When chosen cautiously, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools can help your business in many ways.

 ERP software is intended to give a solo united strategy that brings together every business key function. From inventory control to accounting management to customer relations, ERP can covert most of the multiple business functions into a single package. Hence, it will be easy for the employees and management to quickly view the complex data. And they can efficiently complete the critical operations via a single platform.

 No doubt, ERP software can be the X-factor for any business. However, you should consider lots of aspects before choosing ERP software for manufacturing. Else, your business plans can go against you. Keeping all these things in mind, here we are about to discuss the 7 best-recommended ERP software you can use for your purpose in 2023 and the future.

How can the ERP Suite be Fruitful for your Business?

According to many entrepreneurs, a reliable ERP tool can help their business in lots of ways. For example,

●  Automation: One of the significant advantages of ERP programming is its ability to robotize some of the most laborious and time-consuming business duties. Also, with a robust ERP tool, you can maintain the daily tasks. For example, data entry, quality control records, and so on.

●  Analytics: Besides simplifying your day-to-day task, a well-known ERP software can also analyze the business data, review the positive and negative feedback. And based on that, create a perfect strategy for your business.

●  Variety: To fulfill your demands, lots of ERP tools are available on the market. Each of these software comes with unique features. You will get multiple options and can pick up the most suitable one for your business growth.

●  Compliance: For any business, compliance with local laws is essential. Through documentation, automation, and quality assurance, ERP software helps your business to build compliance.

 Now, to grab these advantages, you must choose the right ERP solution.

Why is it Necessary for Manufacturing Companies to Implement ERP Solutions?

Nowadays, most manufacturing companies are focusing on streamlining their business operations to drive gains. Not only that, but they are also trying to offer high-quality products/services to their consumers along with increasing margins. Henceforth, they use all the tools required except the one solution to help them – ERP software.

This is a system that helps companies streamline and integrate interdependent departments in a proper way. For most manufacturing organizations, it’s highly essential. Do you want to know why it’s a vital thing for manufacturing companies to implement ERP solutions? Let’s take a look at the points provided hereunder: 

●  Integrates the Supply Chain: Managing the outflow and inflow materials is essential to any manufacturing company. Along with managing materials, a powerful ERP software can help you to handle a global supply chain that needs a perception of multiple currencies and languages.

●  Improves Production Scheduling: ERP tool helps maintain the payment, pricing, and procurement of raw materials. Additionally, it’s also beneficial in managing the scheduling of machine operation, staff, and maintenance. 

●  Improve Consumer Experience: ERP system lets your clients access a customer portal and query regarding availability, delivery, and price of your products. After that, these data are utilized to manage production schedules.

●  Eliminates Silos in Financial Operations: It’s essential to implement an integrated system with the modules required to handle the financial tasks. Besides, it’s suitable for companies that have incorporated shared services models – where supplier functions and consumer management is managed correctly.

●  Helps in Managing Staffs and Other Resources: It doesn’t matter how much automation is used. Manufacturing companies can competently function without proper staffing. ERP software can help you handle staffing problems like skillset, time off/vacation, hourly wages, scheduling, etc.

 During the selection of the best ERP software, manufacturers may be confused by choices. Implementing a system that can help you in achieving these gains is an excellent point to start.

Basic Enterprise Resource Planning Criteria for Manufacturing

 Here, we have highlighted a summary of the business owner’s criteria. 

●  UI: is it impressive and clean?

●  Inventory & Warehouse Uses: how well it includes inventory management tools?

●  Usability: Does the provider offer tutorial support, tech support, training, and user support?

●  Reporting and Analytics: Are summaries easy to design and share?

●  Integration: Can you quickly connect it with other tools? Is there any pre-build integration?

●  On-Premise vs. Cloud ERP: Is the ERP tool cloud-based? To install the ERP software, would you need to work with the software vendor?

●  Real-time Updates: Does your system allow you to update new purchase orders, invoice payments, or inventory?

Avail Best ERP Solution and Raise your Business Productivity

As we have discussed earlier, a robust ERP tool can make the critical task easy for you. There are many ERP softwares available on the market, and picking up the best one is definitely not an easy task. Fortunately, based on our years of experience and customer feedback, here we have prepared a list of the top 7 ERP solutions that you can rely upon for 2023.

1.  NetSuite

NetSuite ERP is a global and expandable cloud-hosted. Generally, mid-sized enterprises and large organizations use this top-notches tool for high-growth. This software comes with multiple unique features.- fixed assets, order management, inventory management, and financial management. As a result, employees can smoothly perform critical tasks at the earliest time.

Features of NetSuite:

●  Payroll Services

●  Bill of Materials

●  Cost Management

●  Shop Floor Management

●  Centralized Vendor Management

●  Inventory Visibility

●  Incentive Compensation Management

●  Product Costing

●  Routine and Approval

●  Integrated Process Workflow

●  Core HRIS

 Benefits of using NetSuite for Manufacturing Industry:

●  Complete Visibility of Supply Chain: NetSuite ERP offers a single solution that will bring your business accounting level to a higher level. Features like inventory management, purchasing, and manufacturing provide an end-to-end procedure.

●  Determine the Accurate Report: Using this software, you can prepare an on-time, accurate financial report. The tool’s recognition management allows you to determine and prepare a financial statement for service and product sales. Based on the customer’s desired parameter, these reports can be customized.

●  Keep Customer Happy: We hope you know, for any business, customer satisfaction is the primary objective. With this top ERP tool, you can make your customers happy and influence them to buy products from you. Remember that all the customer-related information is processed via a centralized hub. Hence, there are no possibilities for data stolen. Besides, this module is combined with the best shipping carriers. This will help the clients fulfill their shipping demands, including the order processing costs and shipping rates as well.

NetSuite’s Assets:

●  Can lead and compete both in the enterprise space and SMB

●  Provides a modular and tiered pricing model

●  This software can customize and automate business processes

NetSuite’s Liabilities: 

●  NetSuite is not perfect for deployment methods and any specific industry

●  You will have to buy a premium support package to talk with the NetSuite support team

Integration Provided by NetSuite’s:

These are the current integrations offered by the vendor.

●  ClickSoftware

●  NetSuite CRM

●  Professional Services Automation

●  Epay

●  Ecommerce

●  Can integrate with the current web investment and CRM

2.  ERPNext

ERPNext is an ideal business-looking software that increases work efficiency. Using this open-source ERP tool, you can manage HR responsibilities and accounting tasks in a single interface. Besides, this ERP tool can analyze a company’s financial health, review staff information, and monitor employee performance. Also, the software module offers asset management, customer relationship management, and sales management solutions. This software deployment can be done either via the cloud or on-premise. Keep in mind, the number of cloud users decides the amount an organization needs to spend.

Features of ERPNext:

●  Social network and messaging service

●  Warehouse management

●  Comprehensive user interface

●  Accounting with tax calculations

●  Website creation and design

●  Multi-currency support

●  Leave and attendance management

●  Production planning tool

●  Embedded reporting system

●  Cross-compatibility

Benefits of using ERPNext:

According to experts, this ERP tool comes with more than 1000 objects to run your business activities smoothly. 

●  Accounting: You will get a real-time view of the cash flow. Besides the modules, parts of the software cover every aspect of bookkeeping.

●  Manufacturing: If you use this well-known ERP tool, you can efficiently work and maintain multi-level bills of materials, production planning, inventory, and job cards.

●  HR & Payroll:  By using this tool, you will monitor the employee’s performance and activities, starting from attendance, payroll, expense claims to separation.

●  Sales & Purchase: By managing the purchase and sales cycle, this ERP tool increases productivity and reduces costs.

●  Projects: With this free ERP tool, you will deliver both internal and external projects within the given time. Suppose an issue appears in the middle of the task. In that case, this tool can instantly identify the problem and inform the support team.

●  CRM: By optimizing the sales procedure, this ERP solution helps you to retain more consumers. Besides, with this software, you can maintain a good relationship with your target audience.

●  Asset Management: Besides all the above benefits, this ERP tool also helps you manage and maintain the asset details, value adjustment, asset movement, and depreciation.

●  Helpdesk: No matter which ERP solution you might rely upon, you should consider the most crucial aspect: the vendor’s helpdesk. We want to inform you ERPNext software has a quick support team who can quickly fix any difficulty.

ERPNext‘s Assets:

●  User-friendly software

●  Easy to use – the excellent layout of 3 modules

●  Simple and customizable interface

ERPNext‘s Liabilities: 

●  It isn’t easy to update this software if you are a non-tech savvy person

●  Not perfect for anti-free software organizations

Integrations provided by ERPNext:

ERPNext currently offered the following integrations : 

●  Google Calendar

●  RazorPay

●  SphereWMS

●  Google Maps

●  Gmail

●  Dropbox

●  GitHub

●  Shopify

●  PayPal

●  Woocommerce

3. Dolibarr

Like the above two, Dolibarr is also an open-source ERP tool that helps companies properly manage their business functions. This combined software can work and maintain multiple business aspects, including contacts, communications, orders, inventory management, and many others. As it’s an open-source platform hence, you can modify it as per your requirements. Dolibarr users start using this software with some basic features. However, with time it includes several other functions.- for example, WAMP, LAMP, or MAMP server for all OS.

Features of Dolibarr:

●  Ecommerce

●  CMS and Website Management

●  Product and Stock Management

●  Human Relationship Management

●  CRM/Sales Management

●  Productivity Management

●  Finance and Billing 

Benefits of using Dolibarr:

These are some of the advantages of this software. 

●  Sales: By using this software, you can store all the correct information within the database. So that your sales teams can manage the pipelines, generate quotes, and process orders.

●  Product & Stock: This ERP software can help companies manage their service catalog and development, including the quantity and price of each item. Besides, with this tool, you can even track the stock from every warehouse location. Some of this software’s other functions are resource planning, procurement management, shipment tracking, and serial management.

●  Finance & Billing: The finance and billing module part of this software allows users to prepare invoices automatically or manually. Also, this tool helps customers to make online payments.

●  Content Management System (CMS): Using this ERP solution, users can create their websites. Also, with this open-source tool, users can create dynamic content and monitor search traffic.

●  Productivity: The productivity module of this ERP tool allows users to manage their projects. Also, this will help users to see the time spent on every task. This software also allows you to generate an intervention record for all assignments.

Dolibarr’s Assets:

●  You can install this software through web hosting

●  It comes with a lot of plug-ins

●  Easy to export, import, configure master data such as consumer, vendors, or materials details

Dolibarr‘s Liabilities: 

●  Integration of this tool can be a little bit complicated

●  All the business finance strategies included in this tool are not functional

Integrations provided by Dolibarr:

Currently, these are the integration offered by the Dolibarr: 


●  Google Map

●  One Time Password

●  RSS

●  Google Calendar

4. Delmiaworks

Delmia plays a vital role in supply chain management. It ensures efficient electronic communication, streamlined production, accurate labeling, and distribution. Besides, it can fulfill the dynamic requirements of consumers and suppliers. Moreover, this is an open-source platform and creates a unique and single solution for the buyers.

Features of Delmia:

●  Produce on-time quality parts

●  Reduce unnecessary downtime

●  Eliminate waste & control costs

●  Determine constraints that might affect the production schedule

●  Make sure equipment, material, and labor is available to fulfill the demand

●  Quickly scale to satisfy the growth demands

●  CRM integration

●  Maintenance scheduling

●  Employee portal

●  Accounting Management 

Benefits of using Delmia:

This ERP tool offers lots of benefits. Here we have explained some of them.

●  Warehouse Management: From inventory movement to basic product picking, this software helps users complete several tasks. With this software, users can create work order strategies, wave planning, and so on.

●  Accounting & Financial Management: With this ERP software organizations, can easily create a financial report. Besides, by using this software, your sales team can create a business strategy for your business.

●  Deployment Options: This ERP software offers a wide range of deployment options that will help you to pick up the best solutions for your on-premise business.

●  Mobile ERP: One of the most significant plus points of this ERP tool is that it comes with shop floor applications to make quick decisions. And also can resolve any kind of issue.

●  Small Business Solution: This ERP tool is an ideal solution for small businesses. As it supports different databases, including sales & customer service, human resources, accounting, order management, and inventory management.

Delmiawork’s Assets:

●  Auto reports are good – able to set up and not think twice

●  Excellent GL display

●  Quality document tracking

Delmiawork‘s Liabilities: 

●  New modules are a little bit expensive

●  Don’t have the ability to do paperless paystubs

Integration of using Delmia:

These are the integrations currently offered by this ERP tool. 

●  Adobe Creative Cloud

●  AutoCAD

●  Ecommerce

●  CRM

●  Science & Engineering

●  Accounting

●  PLM

●  BPM

5. Compiere

Compiere is a cloud-based and open-source ERP software that can help you manage several tasks of your company. This is an award-winning software used by more than 1.8 million companies of all sizes throughout the globe. It comes with a rich and extensive set of combined business functionalities on a global-ready program. You can easily manage any number of warehouses, organizations, currencies, languages, and accounting rules with this software’s help. Furthermore, you can also use role-based Management Dashboards with drill-down ability to efficiently analyze or monitor your business operations. Pre-built graphs and charts of this software can be expanded easily to fulfill all of your specific requirements. 

Features of Compiere:

●  Covers 84% of the financial characteristics of your company

●  Installation ease and updated installation instructions

●  Database Certification

●  Enhanced customer usability        

●  Data dictionary functional enhancements 

●  Improved search features

●  Quick ROI 

Benefits of using Compiere ERP in Manufacturing:

Some of the gains of Compiere ERP software are mentioned below:

●  Decreases the Sales Cycle: One of the most significant benefits of this software is it reduces the sales cycle. It helps your company to fund your resources in creating additional software capabilities. Moreover, this software is compatible with an extensive array of databases, browsers, OS, and hardware platforms. 

●  Interactive Online User Experience: Compiere offers an interactive online user experience and protected access from all famous web browsers. You can also use its web services and SOA (Service-oriented Architecture) for seamless integration with other businesses’ apps. This software utilizes open-source technology that can help you to lessen IT infrastructure costs. Additionally, this software provides access to the source code. It decreases the dependency on the merchant and the risk of your project.

●  Lessens Annual Expenses: This software has changed the conventional cost figure of deploying, buying, and maintaining an ERP solution. You can easily reduce your annual operating costs and the total purchasing cost as there are no upfront license prices. Another significant advantage of this software is there is no vendor lock-in.

Compiere’s Assets:

●  Inexpensive

●  Can track your sales lead

●  Multiple currencies

Compiere’s Liabilities: 

●  Missing of supply chain management

●  Missing of HR management functionality

Integration provided by Compiere: 

Take a look at the current integrations offered by Compiere: 

●  Ecommerce

●  Dropbox

●  PayPal

●  RSS

●  Accounting

6. webERP

webERP is another great management and online financial solution that can help you in running your business efficiently. It provides exceptional functionality – but only needs a PDF reader and web-browser to function correctly. This tool comes with several functional tools and features. This fits organizations and businesses that work in manufacturing, distribution, and wholesale. This software transforms into a core while deploying with a 3rd party interactive desktop Point Of Sale software. It’s perfect for a distributed, separately multi-branch management arrangement. Besides, it also comes with an integrated webSHOP that users can choose to add as a third-party add-on. 

Features of WebERP:

●  Customizable interface

●  Sales invoicing and quotes

●  Role-based security

●  Helps in managing payable and receivable accounts

●  General and banking ledger management

●  Inventory management

●  Taxation tools 

Benefits of using webERP:

webERP is specifically built and designed to run on any server that supports PHP. There are numerous exciting advantages of this tool. Some of the most significant advantages are given below: 

●  Compatibility: This software runs well with all web-enabled devices and web browsers while only needing minimum usage of Javascript. Whenever you require to create reports, this software allows you to produce PDF reports for precise text positioning. In scripts, this ERP tool follows the same rules for regular and modifiable PHP scripts.

●  Language: This ERP tool supports almost 31 languages. It means you can see the interface of this software in your favored language. Besides, translations are also available with this system. It can help you to comprehend documents, texts, or files written in a foreign language.

●  Underlying Code: The underlying code of this tool is written in a significant way. You can maximize it fully with ease. It helps the new or unfamiliar users to read the PHP coding without much hassle. This enables you to choose webERP and implement the software to meet your requirements precisely.

webERP‘s Assets:

●  Provide regular PDF reports

●  Hande and keep records of purchase and sales orders

●  Inventory tracking and management

webERP’s Liabilities: 

●  The support team is not available 24/7

●  The reliability of this tool is not so good

Integration provided by webERP: 

Current integrations offered by webERP are: 

●  Flamory

●  JavaScript

●  Magento

●  FrontAccounting

●  Epay

7. Oracle ERP Cloud

This is a SaaS platform specifically known for its capability to balance with your business as it expands and grows. Since this tool operates and lives in the cloud, your data’s protection is its top-most priority. For that, it includes a lot of components that are necessary to end-users. This includes automation, analytics tools, reporting, user experience, and more.

Features of Oracle ERP Cloud:

●  State-of-the-art security

●  Great user experience

●  Third-party integration

●  Top-notch business process

●  Risk management 

Benefits of Oracle ERP in Manufacturing Industry:

These are several advantages of implementing Oracle ERP Cloud to your business. Let’s take a glance at the advantages of this tool: 

●  No Need to Update: Due to this tool’s cloud nature, new functionality and updates of this software are distributed automatically. Therefore, all that’s required of this software is an active and strong internet connection. In short, this software can help you to reduce the potential cost of upgrades and also accuses that your system always stays up to date.

●  Decrease Upfront Expenses: Selecting an on-premise ERP tool needs you to buy the equipment required to run your system. Besides, it also requires the team to manage or maintain it. With the Oracle ERP Cloud tool, your subscription-based platform will run over the internet. So, it is undoubtedly reducing the initial expenses required to apply your new solution.

●  Protection: Most business people select a cloud-based ERP platform for the extreme protection of their data. This software’s automatic upgrade deployment always keeps your system up-to-date with the most advanced available security measures. 

●  Scalability: One of the other advantages of this software is its capability to expand with your business. It may seem like automating methods like inventory management or decreasing expenses through streamlining. ERP Cloud has flexibility and tools for any company to benefit from digital profitability and transformation.

Oracle ERP Assets:

●  It comes with the ability to add modules according to your specific requirements

●  New exciting features are added regularly

●  Unified software to access global data

Oracle ERP Liabilities: 

●  If you have just started your business, then it can be complicated for you

●  Need faster performance

Integration provided by Oracle ERP Cloud:

Integrations offered by Oracle ERP Cloud are: 

●  SAP Ariba


●  Intuit Quickbooks

●  ORACLE Business Suite

●  ORACLE Netsuite

Wrapping up…

Now, it’s time to conclude this guide. The 7 ERP software described in the above section can help you in your manufacturing. Also, it can help you to reach your business to a new height. But, you will need to consider all the aforementioned points while choosing the best-in-class ERP software for your company. We hope this guide will definitely help you to grab the best solution out of the market.


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