25 Best Asana Alternatives in 2023

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Asana is a cloud-based project management application. Asana contains all the other project management software that are used by most of the project managers. 

Although, for this purpose, Asana is great software for managing work and creative teams are looking forward to the alternatives of asana to get better freedom and easiness at work. By choosing Asana Alternatives, it’s like getting an ice on cake. 

Reasons to choose Asana Alternatives

Basically, Asana was developed to make the work of project management easy and to make team collaboration better. Asana is not for everyone after being in much demand and more powerful. And because of this reason, the project management teams find it more complex to use, expensive, and unintuitive.  

Asana Alternatives is loved by most of the teams because of its transparency it brings into its workflows. It helps you to assure that nobody feels submerged by reducing the tasks flows whenever needed.

The other reason teams choose Asana over other tools is because it provides a granular and robust property of having a tendency to manage the project spectacularly. The team can create projects, tasks, subtasks, sections, and much more and even expand it further without any hurdles. 

Another main and important reason to choose Asana Alternative is its pricing plans. There are certain plans offered by Asana for free up to 15 users. After that the paid plan has hefty price tags. This price tag is especially for the extra essential aspects like Gantt Chart for project management.       

Now, moving further with the Asana, let’s have more information that includes the most amazing features of Asana. 

Most amazing features of Asana that matters to project management

The work in all the project management teams happens at a more abstract and high level. So, for this, the management wants to have the tools that would cover all the criteria, budget, thinking ideas, and the one that brings collaborations. 

Hence, keeping these points in mind, we have mentioned the three major features of Asana that are perfect for creative teams and project management.   

  1. User-friendly

Every project management department wants to have the tools with more features and less destruction. The amazing feature of Asana Alternative that meets the need of management is that it is easy to use. 

According to the survey, almost 60% of the employees are seen working on the administrative work. As compared to other tools, Asana gives more features that help the management to focus more on strategy planning and skill work. This is a tool your company needs to get things done on time with ease.   

  1. Easy for Collaboration

Asana is one of the most collaborative tools and is used by 83% of the knowledge workers for collaboration of the projects. For moving the project forward with interesting ideas, this tool offers various brainstorming sessions, discussions, and debates. 

Asana Alternative has the ability to manage multiple working teams at a time, in case, if you want to manage more projects for collaboration at a time. You will also get access to work coordinately with your team to share and discuss the assigned work. 

  1. For Stakeholder Communication

As per the survey 50% failure of the project is due to change in objectives, priorities, requirements, and poor communication. All these can be easily managed by using Asana alternative as it also helps in keeping the client know of getting approvals of project milestones.   

Now, let’s start with the enlightenment list of Asana Alternatives that will ensure you about which project management software to use. We have shared the best 25 alternatives that would clear your dilemma of which is the right one to fit in your team.   

Best 25 Asana Alternatives

  1. Trello

The main reason for Trello in Asana Alternatives to top the list is visibility that visualizes your work before time. Basically, it focuses more on the Kanban style of project management. For the new and small teams managing projects, it is user-friendly and attractive.  

Trello presents the project as cards and lists united by the common term, “board”. The transition face is easy to transfer all data between mobile and desktop interface and you can even create cards via email in Trello. It also helps you to break and plan your task and automate it through butler to sour productivity levels. 

  1. Wrike

If your management wants to have numbers of folders each for a particular task, then Wrike is perfect for you. Basically, Wrike is a project management system created in 2003, in California. It is especially based on the concept of reading folders and nested folders. 

Generally, Wrike is more favoured by IT departments, product development, and project management teams. Wrike is an Asana alternative software including lots and lots of features with many various views for managing the projects. It also centralized intake and online proofing requests and shorten the processes accordingly. 

  1. Jira

Jira is the product of Australian software development named Atlassian’s. Among all the Asana Alternatives, Jira is known as the DevOps leader as it allows the support of Lean, Kanban, and Scrum project management. Jira is seen in more development featuring more budget processes and is the main reason to get third position in the list. 

Firstly, Jira began with bug tracking software and is now famous for most demanded project management tools. Jira has the ability to integrate with thousands of other tools as it is highly customizable with inclusion of thousands of ads. 

If you are a project manager from Agile, then it has the ability to create a great report on roadmaps and Agile project management. If you are the project management dealing with the technical issues, then Jira provides you best bug-tracking and issue-tracking facilities. 

  1. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is simplest among all the Asana Alternatives in the list. The project management teams or the creative teams like Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Amazon, The New York Times, and more use Toggl Plan because it has a drag and drop interface to create and manage proper tasks and projects. 

For the project management you can easily create high-level project roadmaps and can tasks with timelines and Kanban boards. For the task management you can easily add to-do lists, deadlines of the project, tags, and can assign it to the multiple team members at a time.     

  1. WorkZone

For the Asana users, WorkZone is an ideal set up. It includes all the interesting and amazing features that a project management needs. It is powerfully compared to Asana but is less retained user-friendliness. It is competitive among all the Asana Alternatives in the list. 

The primary benefits of the WorkZone include:

  • the personalized to-do list 
  • can share and store documents of each project 
  • has project dashboards providing portfolio across the team for better outcomes
  • The project request forms and reports are customized as per the need. 

WorkZone is cloud-hosted and works well with the team. It also easily manages the progress of the project and has exemplary customer support. 

  1. ClickUp

ClickUp is mostly recommended and highly rated Asana Alternatives. It is because of its amazing and overwhelming features. The features set help you with your goals, projects, timeline, and task management.

If you want to tackle up all your work and project at one place, then ClickUp is an online application specially designed for that. Like other tools, you can easily view your project in the format of calendar, Gantt Chart, Kanban Boards.

ClickUp contains thousands of other apps making it more complex. It is a simple intuitive project management platform that manages any size of project easily. An easy to navigate user interface is a special feature in a hierarchy of different project views. 

  1. Notion

Want to prepare all the notes, tasks, and wikis from one place? No other Asana Alternative would be better than Notion.Notion includes tasks, Kanban Boards, tables, lists, and more. Without any hussle, you can easily organize all the information in the way you want with Notion. 

It is super lightweight and flexible making itself top among all the Asana Alternatives of 2023. If you are having many different contents to create, then with Notion more than 30 different types of content can be created. 

  1. Airtable

Airtable is the most amazing and fascinating task manager Asana Alternative of 2023. Airtable is perfect to create a database in a spreadsheet format. It is super flexible and helps you to design your spreadsheet and database as per your choice.

For various projects and tasks to stay more organized, Airtable offers calendar, grids, forms, and Kanban Boards. It includes built-in templates developed by experts that allow you to easily hit the ground running to complete your task and project. 

To allow easy access to tasks from multiple projects you can interlink the project tablets. It is the mobile and desktop app that allows you to edit, collaborate, and comment on your project without any hussle. 

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub is the most fascinating Asana Alternative that offers amazing features that you ever need to manage your team and projects effectively. ProofHub is somewhat unique as it comes with per user pricing instead of fixed pricing plans. 

It is mainly used in proofing the capabilities of the project. ProofHub is front in offering numerous features for the well-being of the project. The features include:

  • Gantt Chart
  • Kanban Boards
  • Calendar
  • Timesheets

It allows you to progress the task and helps in the improvements to accelerate your deliverables. 

  1. Scoro

Are you looking for all in one alternative? Scoro is here for you that works as all in one project management Asana Alternative. It helps majorly in combining project timing, tracking, contacting management, and in billing. 

A broad suite of products is offered by Scoro ranging from project management to CRM. with this tool, compile your reports on profitability, tasks, projects, and more. The CRM in Scoro helps in managing alternative tasks and handling client work combined with quoting and invoicing. 

With this Asana Alternative, you have a full chance to handle your team by tracking their work down to detail to avoid and clear errors through the cracks.  

  1. Monday
monday home page screenshot

Mondays suck. Mondays make it impossible to be productive.

But not anymore! Don’t let the tedious start of your week bum you out, get Monday on your side and get excited about tackling any challenge from ‘I have a lot of work’ to ‘I’m going on vacation in a few weeks.

Create customizable boards for every project you’re involved with that makes communication and productivity flexible according to what works best for you – priorities change day-to-day, whether it’s finishing an important document or concentrating on the details before an upcoming deadline; Monday has got great features like this baked into its system so that all you need is just one place to organize everything done to delegate tasks better, stay up-to-date with progress.

  1. SmartSheet

You can’t go wrong with Smartsheet if you are in a search for an amazing spreadsheet based on Asana Alternative. This tool allows you to plan, execute, differentiate, and report to move faster and forward with drive innovation work.  

It is super smart, flexible, and does not need any technical expert to manage all the files through it. The workflow and production efforts can be accelerated by yourself. The automation of tedious tasks is also done that includes sending alerts, requesting approvals, and updates. 

A communted look is given to your project through SmartSheet to explicitly see the step forward of the project that needs to be taken care of. 

  1. RedBooth

A very good stepping stone in a comparison with Asana Alternative can be none other than RedBooth. It is one of the most powerful featured-packed software on the list. If you compare RedBooth with Asana, then you will get to see lots of new features in this. 

RedBooth has simplicity and intuitive design as Asana in addition to offering Gantt Chart, subtasks, productivity reports, Representation, and much more. Seeing the price of RedBooth, it is too cheap. It has a few days free plan. The premium plan includes the cost $15 per user and the billing is done monthly according to the number of users.   

  1. BaseCamp

One of the most satisfactory and amazing tools out there in comparison to Asana Alternatives is BaseCamp. Does it sound like planning a vacation to you? No it is not that but it helps the project management to deal with all the projects as it has all in one toolkit. 

You can clearly get to see the first and last thing of the project to be done successfully on time. To overcome any hurdles along the way, the addition of comments is done to bring the team on the same page.

You can easily bring it on with amazing features including:

  • Embed images and files
  • Drag and drop uploads
  • Tracking projects to build BaseCamp charts
  • Schedules
  • Sharing documents, files and project details and much more.  
  1. TeamWork

TeamWork Project have their headquarter situated in Ireland. If you want to have the full suite of productivity tools for tour project management, then TeamWork Project is here for you. This tool is the best Asana Alternative among all for productivity tools. 

It includes a help desk software, sales CRM, and project management software. For your enhanced business and advanced features, TeamWork has all that you need. Its robust features include privacy and permissions, real-time team, and invoice tracking. The pricing for a small plan is $44.92/month and for a professional plan is $136.88/month, and for business is $228.25/month.

  1. Slack

Among all the project management tools and apps for Asana Alternatives, Slack is best in the list. Actually, it is an instant messenger app that makes it in the list because of the management looking for social driven away collaboration. 

If you are in a great need to search, collaborate, and share your files then Slack is for you. It enables you to separate and create the tasks and channels with security settings to integrate and send alerts and reminders to users.  

  1. TickTick

A widely used and accepted Asana Alternative is TickTick. It is suitable for both personal and professional projects that help you to manage all at once easily. It allows you to note down and organize all your creative ideas every day. TickTick has millions of users. 

The amazing feature is that it provides 5 different views to work cordially and comfortably as a team. It also gives you reminders in case you forget the deadline of an important task or project.

  1. Podio

Podio was purchased by Citrix in 2012 and is situated in Raleigh, NC. If you are willing to run an online business or office, then this Asana Alternative is perfect for you. It has the idea of transparency that has the main objective of open-plan online offices. 

Podio is said to be the megamall of the project management softwares as it has features like peer recognition and sharing of to-do list. Podio also offers checking of mails and it also functions as a social network for everyone you work with. 

  1. LiquidPlanner

For the smart-moving teams, LiquidPlanner is self-proclaimed and smarter project management software. It is on the list of Asana Alternatives because it has something to offer for your suddenly changing project schedules. 

It has the ability to automatically adjust the changes and also adjust the timelines to make your project go and flow smoothly along the path of resistance. It has an average plan of $45/user/month.   

  1. ZenTao

Another fascinating Asana Alternative is ZenTao tool. It is a tool featuring management areas including, product management, project management, document management, CI management, bug-tracking, and many more. 

It offers the 3 versions of software, basically, standard, professional, and enterprise. Here you gradually get to break down projects into small chunks. You can effortlessly get onto the board without any prior tech experience. 

  1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is the best Asana Alternative to combine project management, CRM, and social internet all together in one. If you want to keep all your social data and conversation at one place along with your projects.  

It has self-hosted and cloud-hosted versions taking one step more further than other tools on the list. It is basically a better social internet than facebook as it has been re-jigged into project management tools. 

  1. NutCache

If you are looking for planning, tracking, and organizing the tasks and project to meet your deadline efficiently without any hussle, NutCache Asana Alternative is best for you. It has more than 130,000 businesses adding incredible score and credibility to its work. 

You can state your project at glance and prioritize your project work before the due date. It comes with Gantt Chart that helps you to organize your task without any breakdown. The features include project budgeting, cost management, discussions, all-in-one tasks, and more.  

  1. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is one of the easiest and simplest tools on the list of Asana Alternatives. It is specially designed to adjust your work methods without any hussle. It relies on the Kanban style boards to automate the workflow to get the more work done in less time. 

To make collaboration with stakeholders or clients within MeisterTask is considered more effective and effortless that increases team productivity through reports and robust statistics. It also conducts group discussions and messaging without any hustle in the inbox.  

  1. Quip

Quip is the Google docs to the project management as in the list because it has the ability to combine documents, spreadsheets, chat, and slides into one place. It is best for one who wants to have all the things done at one place. 

It offers you to choose the one best function and performs well accordingly. It is best for the small teams with small plans to collaborate in the same way for the projects. It costs $30/per for five users.

  1. nTask

For the individual and project management teams, nTask is the best Asana alternative. It lets you improve your collaboration and manage projects and tasks to set up dedicated workspaces. It defines budget and assigns roles and work to the team members. Currently, its features support Gantt Chart and Calendar layouts more frequently.

Thus, as you see there are plenty of more options available than Asana out there for all the project managers. All the Asana Alternatives listed above are specialized for any team, project or company so choose accordingly.


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